CtrlS:Extending an All-Encompassing Approach towards Cloud Optimization

CIO VendorSridhar Pinnapureddy, Founder and CEO The Cloud is the most imperative and influential trend impacting most of the industries. The benefits derivable from cloud are numerous, however, to an extent; the technology remains unexplored, as many leaders fail to utilize the technology to its maximum potential. All leaders aim of playing an active part, leading through technology, in the strategic functions of their organizations. Making it possible for businesses to eliminate all concerns associated with opting for cloud is CtrlS, a 2007 founded cloud services firm offering all-encompassing and cost-effective cloud solutions to large organizations as well as SMEs, under the leadership of Sridhar Pinnapureddy, Founder and CEO.

The firm offers a range of services such as Applications Hosting for Micro Enterprises, Cloud based Managed Solutions for medium-sized enterprises and services like Mobility, Private Cloud and Public Cloud Test Beds for large organizations.
Leading names like Apollo Hospitals, AON, and Marriot Hotels are part of the remarkable CtrlS client base. With 40 percent of their revenue happening through BFSI firms, the firm needs no further proof for quality and reliability as the BFSI segment offers the toughest challenge and demands.Currently, CtrlS is Asia’s Biggest Tier 4 Datacenter, tackling cloud concerns through innovative products like backup as a service, high availability and Encrypted Virtual Machines. Another stand-out feature is the zero-downtime environment over multiple facilities. The company, within a few years of commencement, has progressed to own and operate India’s most secure and tier 4 certified datacenters.

On addressing the industry - specific concerns through cloud, Pinnapureddy explains “The biggest pain point for CIOs is the lack of options in terms of building a robust, secure and agile IT infrastructure amidst cost constraints imposed on them”. He also notes that often, the ability to effectively customize and control this infrastructure is not present among companies despite successful attempts to build the requisite infrastructure. These being critical concern in the industry, CtrlS, by innovatively tackling them, plays a crucial role towards transforming the sector.

The 4Cs – The Company’s Differentiating Aspect

The term “4C” refers to the most critical aspects concerning the current business environment;
Continuity, Customization, Compliance and Control. Products in sync with the 4C are the factors helping the firm to stay ahead of its industry rivals.

The 4 copy cloud from CtrlS is available on a 2 (N) + N network, thereby turning it into a highly disaster proof product. This cloud product Ctrl4C, has earned a unique position in the extremely competitive cloud market by extending a complete compliance and customization package, and enabling total control over organizational IT operations. “No other service provider is in a position to offer the kind of 4 Copy cloud that we have managed. Our Tier-4 infrastructure is the only one of its kind in India with 2(N) + N network redundancy. This kind of infrastructure is difficult to achieve for anybody, as it requires very huge investments and sustenance” continues Pinnapureddy.

The leaders and team of experts at CtrlSare proud at the success of products that empower the kind of IT Infrastructure and operations available exclusively to large Fortune 100 companies, at an unbelievable price.

Moving Forward

In the next three years, their products would have more monitoring capacities, higher than the current capacity of 200. Other goals towards the future include high-level product innovations, enhancing usability and introducing more instance options.


Hyderabad, India

Sridhar Pinnapureddy, Founder and CEO

A provider of all-encompassing and cost-effective cloud solutions to large organizations as well as SMEs