Current, Powered by GE: Helping Create Intelligent Environments with Business Architecture

John Gordon, Chief Digital Officer
The world is entering a time when an entirely new set of information is going to enable corporate professionals to make more breakthroughs than ever before. In fact, leaders in the digital age should be reshaping the way colleagues live, work, and play, through innovation, creation, and experimentation. “Yes, I realize that sounds like a pretty grandiose aspiration, but I believe we will get there before you know it. For one reason: New Data,” begins John Gordon, Chief Digital Officer, Powered by GE.

For digital leaders today, many breakthroughs had to do with finding information hidden in data–whether it was some aspect of signal detection to find the real insight in the mass of seemingly unrelated data points, or correlations that connected the impact of two different parts of your business— teams regularly use data. “The ability to create relevant and valuable insight isn’t limited by skills, talent, and tools. It’s limited by the data that’s available today,” adds Gordon. “We’ve done pretty well in the digital world, connecting and interpreting data for the world’s benefit.”

Gordon associated himself with GE’s new startup, Powered by GE to help create data from the physical world. “I saw a unique opportunity to create a new kind of edge device at scale that could give all of us new data,” he states. “We always have lighting. And because of its unique attributes – it has a great position and power to transform itself into the platform to generate data.” GE has long been a trusted partner in the lighting and LED space. However, when sensors, software, and microprocessors are paired with LED fixtures, an entirely new world of data is created. “That’s what excites me about this new team at Powered by GE. We have realized the opportunity to get new data so that we can build on it. And GE has built an open source developer platform called Predix to make it easy for developers to leverage the data,” asserts Gordon.

Powered by GE is creating architecture for the future, acting as a catalyst, connecting people with products and process to deliver growth

The combination of lighting, leadership, and investment via Predix data cloud is truly unique in the industry and will go a long way to assist in interacting with the world around them. An example highlighting how people have started to use this data in meaningful ways is of the City of San Diego. The city collaborated with Current to transform its LED street lights into intelligent, connected devices. These lights do much more than illuminate; they connect, collect, and analyze data to help the city run more efficiently. Equipped with sensors and microprocessors, the LED fixtures are able to connect to Predix so the city can access valuable data and insights. Today, the city has the ability to remotely assess and control more than 3,000 streetlights and is saving more than $250,000 annually in electricity and maintenance costs making it just the beginning of a great venture. “In similar ways, Simon Properties, Hilton and Walgreens are also exploring ways that they can leverage data from lighting to drive energy efficiency and business productivity as well,” adds Gordon.

GE is creating architecture for the future, acting as a catalyst, connecting people with products and process to deliver growth—initiating firms to dive in, experience and embrace the power of data. “Imagine what you could do if in the blink of an eye you were able to capture data from lighting across a building, plant or city, and effortlessly analyze every part of it to make smarter decisions in real time. Well, you can now,” concludes Gordon.

Current, Powered by GE

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John Gordon, Chief Digital Officer

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