Curriculum Technology: Beyond the Confines of Classroom

Jon Doyle, President
The present tech-savvy generation’s dependence on smart phones has resulted in institutions adopting a new teaching style: mobile-based learning, or mlearning. Mobile devices, especially tablets, are revolutionizing teaching and learning methodologies. However, skepticism and teachers’ apprehension towards experimentation involving technology, and assessment gap of curricula has hindered rapid adoption of technology in the education sector. In such a scenario, poised to cater to the needs is Curriculum Technology (CT) which provides the materials and support for instructors that enable them to deliver content that is engaging, interesting, and relevant to the current trends in the real world—regardless of the size and type of schools. “We know from experience that student success, whether defined by student satisfaction or learning outcomes, is largely dependent on instructor effectiveness. Impactful curriculum can truly make a difference for instructors and students; we find schools enjoy measurably improved student satisfaction, retention, and placements,” notes Jon Doyle, President at CT.

CT is emerging as a leader in online education. The firm develops customized interactive e-learning, building, and loading courses into the major learning management systems. Additionally, the company’s own digital content platform, CT2Learn Evolved Learning System (ELS) provides course materials that enable mlearning. The proprietary platform functions for ground course content delivery as well on desktop and mobile devices. With the utilization of emerging technology and pedagogical theory to develop the CT2Learn ELS digital content platform, CT enables students to access their course materials in the manner that is most desirable and effective for them.

CT, with its developed interactive content for mobile devices, has enhanced the school’s learning management system interface (LMS). It is a digital content platform that supports development of academic and training content in numerous forms. “Our product development is a direct reflection of the needs of our school clients. We are constantly working with schools, aiding them in developing a program or course and the appropriate solution,” affirms Doyle.
The CT2Learn ELS digital content platform makes different content types available through one member login. The simple design for the user interface places the company ahead of other publishing companies who have a different content platform for each product line they sell.

The company has exhibited its ability to enhance elearning with time to market capability, and often contracted to lead the development of new degree program offerings for schools. CT diligently enables schools to integrate the new program into their existing academic operations, by conducting research and market analysis for the viability of the program. Shouldering the responsibility, CT’s team helps write program objectives, indentifies and builds the required core courses in the program, and bundles it all into a package. “We provide consultative support to schools as they work their way through that process, along with the necessary applications documentation. When regulatory agencies have questions about an application, we often help schools prepare responses,” asserts Doyle.

Impactful curriculum can truly make a difference for instructors and students; we find schools enjoy measurably improved student satisfaction, retention, and placements

CT, already experienced in providing rich, interactive, and competent student learning material, is expanding its content offerings, and has developed a complimentary LMS that now enables hosting and delivering of online training for corporate and professional development. “The CT2Learn ELS is aiding the industry to enhance online learning. With our years of experience, we incorporate research-based methodologies in our curriculum process development,” concludes Doyle.

Curriculum Technology

San Diego, CA

Jon Doyle, President

Curriculum Technology is a full service education resource development company.