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Mark Svorinic, CEO
A college was busy managing their curriculum new courses and programs, modifications, deletions, monitoring reviews and approvals, sharing data with other institutional systems, and attempting to publish accurate and current course catalogs while using manually intensive processes and sharing countless documents across the entire organization.

However, the process followed was labor intensive, time-consuming, and challenged with data integrity concerns. Even after painstakingly collecting the necessary data, organizing the catalog, and sharing data with other local systems, the coordinators had to go to each of the stakeholders to get approval for it all and wait for their response a process that would easily take precious weeks, months, or more. Further, if any of the stakeholders had to modify any curriculum, they would have to do so in different documents, making the process all the more difficult to effectively manage.

The focus was on maintenance than not innovation.

A digital solution was required that could serve as a single point in support of their curriculum management efforts. Fortunately, they found the exact solution in the curriculum management platform, META, offered by currIQūnet a provider of robust curriculum management solutions.

currIQūnet began client onboarding by first conducting an assessment to determine the institution’s exact strategic and tactical academic goals. Based on the results, currIQūnet configured these requirements on their cloud-based platform and seamlessly integrated their needs into a single platform.

In no time, currIQūnet META transformed the in stitution’s entire course and program management cycles and academic catalog review, approval, and publishing processes to be more efficient and accurate. It no longer needed the many months or more for the academic institution to complete the task; they were able to complete it in much less time a massive feat that serves as a testimony to the capabilities of META. Furthermore, as the platform allowed the different stakeholders and administrators to review and approve the curriculum from a single centralized platform, it eliminated much of the coordinators’ manual workf low. Even today, the institution leverages currIQūnet META to successfully complete its curriculum-related processes within the specified timelines.

This is but one of many instances that stand to show currIQunet’s pursuit of technological excellence and customer satisfaction in its endeavors. Today, a number of colleges in the U.S. and elsewhere across the globe leverage the company’s web-based curriculum management platform not only to develop, review, and approve their academic courses but also to generate marketing materials and web content related to their curriculum. Even when some changes have to be incorporated into existing courses and programs, the platform allows clients to seamlessly modify information into the database as per their needs.

“Our platform serves as the single ‘point of truth’ for universities and colleges, providing them with a searchable database for their entire curriculum inventory of courses and programs—and this can be accessed anywhere, anytime by the staff, the students, as well as the community served.” says Mark Svorinic, CEO of currIQūnet.

But, how can the platform deliver such robust capabilities?

Well, the currIQūnet META platform is built on metadata architecture. Data can be easily centralized, secured, and governed from multiple sources. The sophisticated architecture allows the platform to be configured to the smallest elements and integrated within the organizational hierarchy, while also allowing data governance controls to be assigned to relevant stakeholders. Thus, the currIQūnet platform empowers leadership teams to ensure that all critical policies and strategies are being followed, enabling the faculty to bring efficiency and effectiveness into their curriculum preparation and management processes.

The Tailwind of Success for the Educational Sector

currIQunet’s practice of constant innovation is further complemented by the company’s extensive expertise in the space. During its partnership with colleges and universities across the U.S., Canada, UAE, and Hong Kong, the company has gained an understanding of its multi-faceted academic and program management needs, and this understanding has been weaved into every iteration or upgrade of its platform. For this very reason, currIQūnet’s clients also trust the company’s platform to always deliver the functionalities they expect.

Our platform serves as the single ‘point of truth’ for universities and colleges, providing them with a searchable database for their entire curriculum inventory of courses and programs and this can be accessed anywhere, anytime by the staff, the students, as well as the community served

With such unwavering customer trust on its ‘sails,’ the company is fast securing its position at the helm of the edtech sector. Even now, currIQūnet is working on adding a new functionality, facilitating a seamless way for it to connect and share data with other systems leveraged within a college or university be it student information systems, learning management systems, or an assessment software. That’s not all. By planning to incorporate more data analytics capabilities, the company intends to aid its clients in gathering insights from the troves of data within its system and generating custom reports, which can then be used for strategic planning, effectiveness research, etc. “Our goal is to stay at the cutting-edge of edtech, equipping our clients with the best solutions in the market so they can streamline all their backend tasks and focus on what matters most student’s education,” concludes Svorinic


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Mark Svorinic, CEO

currIQūnet enables clients to manage their courses and programs so that they can focus on the success of their students, faculty, and the institution