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Entrepreneurship is all about connecting the right dots at the right time and creating an effective solution to a common problem, ultimately leading to a successful venture. Morten Ebbesen, CEO and Founder of Siteimprove, began noticing a common problem when his company was helping build websites for the Danish government. One day an important customer asked them if there was anything they could do to help them identify broken links on their website. Ebbesen quickly realized that there was a serious gap in the market for a group of diagnostic tools that could take the hassle out of performing such tasks of web governance manually. Starting out with a couple of programmers, Ebbesen created a link checking service and launched Siteimprove, based on the idea to govern the quality of large websites like the ones we see in the education sector. This became the foundation for the company’s suite of products: Siteimprove Web Governance Suite.

“In education institutions, many departments view the website as their own, rather than taking it as a collective part of the institution. Due to this, the usability suffers as the web users find the website to be graphically and textually diverse and difficult to navigate,” concerns Ebbesen. “Whether the institution’s web management style is centralized or broken across separate departments, our reporting capabilities cater to all their specific needs. We scan the entire website of the institution every five days and return the findings to them, while highlighting the prioritized list of web pages that needs the most attention,” says Ebbesen.

We scan the entire website of the institute every five days and return the findings to them, with a prioritized list of web pages that needs the most attention

Siteimprove Web Governance Suite provides an intelligent solution for the professional webmasters and content managers to work more efficiently, thereby saving time and money.
CIO VendorMike Sheldon, CEO
Siteimprove Quality Assurance automates the time consuming task of locating website quality issues like broken links and misspellings on the website, while also notifying the client of accessibility issues. “Not only does Siteimprove Quality Assurance find errors on our clients’ websites, but it also gives them a complete overview of all the content of their website, so that they can easily ensure a unified use of wordings, images, and document formats,” remarks Ebbesen. The Siteimprove Content Policy tool further allows the users to set up custom alerts and categorize a variety of their content items on one or more websites, thereby protecting their brand integrity. The company’s user-friendly Analytics tool, Siteimprove Analytics, makes it easy for the clients to analyze vital user behavior data and use it to improve the online experience.

“When people talk about Siteimprove, there are two things that come to mind,” remarks Ebbesen: “First, the software is much more intuitive and easy-to-use than other options, making the job of maintaining a website’s quality a more manageable task, and the second, a responsive and effective team focused on helping the customer utilize the service to its full potential. Also, the company invests more awareness and focus to help clients make their websites more accessible—a main reason behind the company’s high traction in the Education sector. Some of the illustrious clients of Siteimprove include Cornell University, Harvard University, and Sarah Lawrence College.

As a supplier of web governance tools, Siteimprove has come a long way, as organizations rely on Siteimprove’s tools to accomplish their goals. “In the upcoming years,” says Ebbesen, “we will continue to monitor the ever-changing digital landscape and listen to the voices of our customers to make sure that we provide them effective solutions that help them achieve their online goals.”


Mike Sheldon, CEO

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