Custom Computer Specialists: Implementing The Technology That Enhances Learning Environments

Gregory G.Galdi, Founder
While the role of IT in any given organization is challenging, education institutions face what is perhaps the most complex of technology integration challenges—meeting the technology needs of diverse end users. From faculty and students to community members, expectations vary greatly and it’s the role of IT to meet and exceed these expectations.

Custom Computer Specialists’ comprehensive suite of technology solutions and expertise allow education technology leaders to leverage IT to support faculty and students while ensuring data security. Custom’s solutions include Unified Communications, Consolidation, Virtualization, Security, Messaging and Archiving.

Education institutions often rely on in-house support to facilitate any time anywhere learning, curriculum management and day to day operations; which necessitates around the clock IT support. Custom’s IT Support Assurance solutions offer remote desktop management and support, cloud computing solutions and 24x7 monitoring to ensure functionality of the network at all times.

Custom specializes in providing long term value and services to match their clients’ needs. “For over 30 years, Custom's mission remains the same—to deliver technology solutions that represent the "best value" to our customers—the exact point where their expectations on quality, cost and timing converge,” says Gregory G. Galdi, CEO.

Deer Park Union Free School District, utilizes Custom’s diverse experience in education to expand its instructional technology. Andrew Choi, Administrator for Instructed Technology says, "Working with Custom means that we have access to more diverse IT experience. We aren't limited by the experience of the individuals," he added. "If we're hung- upon a problem and don't have the in- house knowledge to solve it, all we have to do is to call Custom and tap into their knowledge base."

Since 1979, Custom has been a leading technology services provider to both K-12 and higher education institutions. Whether the need is to combat the rush of students at the start of the academic year, or to double upon the responsibilities of a team member on leave, Custom provides staff augmentation of the highest quality and integrity. They combine technical capabilities, solid business expertise and extraordinary customer service skills. A statement to the services, Custom has enjoyed a 97 percent renewal rate of all staff augmentation services.

Custom is the exclusive Northeast Channel Partner for Infinite Campus, a student information system that helps administrators, teachers, parents and students to share information. Infinite Campus combines multiple data management programs into a single integrated application offering a more robust architecture than traditional student information systems. It provides one system for automating, managing and controlling management processes throughout the school districts.

Understanding that a technology implementation cannot be deemed a success if end users aren’t taking full advantage of its capabilities, Custom takes great pride in its professional development coaching methodology. Professional developers at Custom collaborate with schools to develop and deliver an ongoing professional development coaching model for meaningful teaching and learning practices customized to suit individual learners. The target technologies for effective learning in the digital era include Google Apps for education, iPads and other mobile devices. Custom’s methodology can be applied for any educational technology requirement.

Custom, with a sense of old world integrity and honesty, places immense value on its three customers-its people, clients and business partners. This is why IT leaders can trust Custom with their most important asset–their reputation.

Custom Computer Specialists

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Gregory G.Galdi, Founder

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