Customer Service Delivery Platform: Facilitating the Job of Service Technicians

CIO VendorJerry Edinger, President & CEO
Field service organizations are now turning more towards technology to help them run an efficient business and provide their customers with superior levels of service. Automation and mobility have changed the dynamics of the field service landscape by streamlining the processes and increasing overall efficiency. The espousal of these trends enables organizations to build resilient service lifecycle management solutions that enhance their employees’ productivity, and field management strategy. Irvine, CA-based Customer Service Delivery Platform (CSDP) Corporation is one such company that has wielded the power of the latest technologies to optimize its field service tools. The result of CSDP’s expertise is reflected in its Service Relationship Management® (SRM) product suite that employs a process-driven approach to software configuration and deployment to automate and optimize every aspect of service lifecycle management.

SRM is a powerful tool for managing and coordinating communications, assignment, warranty entitlement and labor tracking across service lifecycle management of organizations. SRM is empowered with the integration of field mobility that facilitates technicians to access information from any location and at anytime. Service technicians can also get at-a-glance details about warranty service at their finger tips. The software provides dispatchers and managers with real-time visibility into field activity them to complete transactions while on-site. “It helps our customers reduce the cost of services, boost their business operations, and transform the cost centre into profit centre,” explains President and CEO Jerry Edinger.

The company has adopted a unique approach to serve the needs of its customers differently and efficiently. “We start with analyzing our customer’s business plan and their pain points, which allows us to provide the adequate solution that solves real client’s operation issues,” explains Jerry. The company’s methodology of doing business is to deliver service engagements that reduce the overall capital expenditure, which is a key element every customer expects from its partners.
“It is the right model for us as it has resonated well with our success over the last seven to eight years and enabled us to build profound relationships with our customers,” states Jerry.

Over the years, CSDP has enabled various organizations to reach excellence. In one implementation highlight, a large utility firm once knocked on the doors of CSDP when they were looking to incorporate a fully tailored, flexible solution for their organization to meet their self-regulating requirements. The client had to be entirely self-regulating within nine months, which required installing a new IT infrastructure, creating new business processes, and transferring personnel from the former utility company. CSDP provided them with their SRM solution that was fully tailored to meet the unique needs of the client. It included separating the required data from the client’s corporate IT infrastructure and assisting in the development of business processes. Despite a larger-than-expected customer base, the project was completed on time and on budget. The fully tailored service lifecycle management solution offered by CSDP has since allowed the client to add features and upgrades as they grow and change.

SRM helps our customers reduce the cost of the services, boost their business operations, and transform the cost centre into profit centre

Going forward, CSDP is con¬tinuing to extend the horizons of its products as technology continues to shepherd the change in the industrial eco¬system. "The company will release a ‘user in¬terface of the future’ in the imminent future that will work in harmony with any type of machine that has sensors and capability to connect with the internet. “We want to run alongside with the technology to grow ourselves from the in¬novation and solutions perspective,” concludes Jerry.

Customer Service Delivery Platform

Irvine, CA

Jerry Edinger, President & CEO

The company integrates field service, reverse logistics, and customer service software to provide end-to-end service lifecycle management solutions.