CustomerCount®: Streamlining Customer Feedback through Innovation

Lisa Kobek, EVP of Client Services and Operations
On average, for every customer who bothers to complain, there are 26 others who remain silent. Businesses today recognize the value of measuring user experience as an integral part of operations. Regardless of size or industry, enterprises now compete for loyalty based on customer experience.

Today, measuring customers’ ever-changing needs and feedback is of extreme importance. Therefore, gathering feedback with dynamic reporting from their customer base must be a priority for any business. Enterprise feedback is part art and part science.

There is difference between surveys and feedback. Both of them impact business. A survey is a one-time event. By the time a survey is deployed the customer has frequently disengaged and problems may have escalated. However, with a feedback model, data is online, allowing enterprises to monitor and improve customer satisfaction in real time.

This is why Mobius Vendor Partners (MVP) created its online customer feedback management solution, CustomerCount®. CustomerCount collects, measures, and reports detailed and dynamic customer feedback via branded, customized online surveys and other tools that conform to their feedback and style protocols. These surveys are then formulated to measure the quality of the customer experience. The company offers an allonline solution because of its speed of delivery and respondents’ propensity to provide truthful answers to questions, often immediately after an experience.

CustomerCount® is unique in its robust reporting capability. “With intuitive real-time reporting and ultra-fast turnaround on updates, our feature-rich, cloud-based survey solution enables enterprises to have better visibility on their customer experience, and help them improve their profitability,” says Bob Kobek, President and CEO of MVP.

MVP’s Managing Partner and CFO, Bill Morris mentions, “We incorporate a variety of reporting mechanisms, including an online reporting portal, instant notifications, and periodic exports to offer great customer experience and ease-of-use for our clients.” CustomerCount is recognized for its dynamic nature, allowing the company to bring in client-requested changes within minutes. For example, while the company has 70 reporting templates, occasionally, clients request for new reporting format, often fulfilled at no cost. Furthermore, it supports 40+ languages and is capable of supporting many more.
Robert A. Kobek, President
Developed as an enterprise feedback system for an international leisure-travel company, CustomerCount® now caters to contact centers, hospitality and education industries, capturing feedback from more than 12 million customers globally. The solution integrates new technologies to make its robust online reporting precise, providing actionable results for refined analytics. This makes CustomerCount an integral part of enterprises’ customer experience and loyalty programs.

Protecting the integrity of the product through very high touch service is a cornerstone of their success. Each client is assigned a dedicated relationship manager to answer questions or requests.

With intuitive real-time reporting and ultra-fast turnaround on updates, our feature-rich, cloud-based survey solution enables businesses to have a better visibility on customer experience, and hence adds to their bottom line

“We collaborate with our clients to understand their needs and ensure that we build and deliver the right platform to support their voice of the customer goals,” explains Lisa Kobek, MVP’s Sr. VP of Operations.

With such a unique value proposition, CustomerCount has an exciting future. CustomerCount continues to enhance and expand its platform’s features and functionality to align with technological innovation and ensure its relevancy and effectiveness. Some of the platform’s most recent enhancements include analysis of both structured and unstructured data, SMS deployment and the ability to protect clients from compliance issues.

Bob Kobek adds, “because of our penchant for innovation we give our clients what they require as their needs expand. A real point in our favor is competitive pricing. And, we are proud to practice what we preach with excellent customer service.”


Lisa Kobek, EVP of Client Services and Operations and Robert A. Kobek, President

Provides flexible, online customer feedback management system that helps organizations improve profits