Customized Energy Solutions Hosted Software Solutions: And Market Intel For The Ever Changing Energy

Stephen Fernands, Founder
Established in 1998, Customized Energy Solutions (CES)was founded by Stephen Fernands in Philadelphia, PA to assist clients in managing changes while increasing their profitable participation in the wholesale and retail energy markets.

“The company is singularly focused on supporting the profitable participation of our clients in the energy markets. We are continually investing in our technological platforms and the efficient delivery of our services. We value and build long lasting partnerships with our clients. They ultimately drive our development efforts,” says Fernands.

Many stakeholders in the energy industry have recognized the value of creating sound market rules and staying abreast of market changes. CES was created to address the need to analyze, simplify and implement informed, fiscally responsible solutions on behalf of clients.

CES develops and delivers a unique, comprehensive and highly detailed set of hosted solutions and services focused on the needs of Retail Marketers and Generation Providers. CES platforms have been developed by market professionals who understand the need for end-to-end solutions of the highest reliability and accuracy.

CES delivers a hosted platform called CES|BLUE to Retail Marketers. CES|BLUE provides an end-to-end, comprehensive solution that manages data accurately with no upfront costs and performance guarantees, something that is unique to the industry.
CES|GOLD is the proprietary hosted solution provided to Generation participants to help them manage Real-Time and Forward Markets, Settlements and Regulatory Analysis. In addition, CES delivers CES|GREEN, a software platform developed to monitor, manage and test Demand Response curtailment events. CES also provides its clients targeted consulting and market intelligence services through CES|MarketIQ. The Market IQ portal provides reports on all ISO rules, initiatives and stakeholder meetings across the U.S.

CES helps their clients to understand how market opportunities and changes will impact them, both strategically and financially. CES employees have a clear knowledge of the inner workings of these markets allowing CES to quickly analyze the impact that changing market conditions have on their clients’ operations.

The company is singularly focused on supporting the profitable participation of our clients in the energy markets.

CES is a strategic partner to its clients and is deeply invested in their operations and strategic development. CES is in the process of expanding its services in U.S. and India with highly talented team of 100 professionals.

Customized Energy Solutions

Philadelphia, PA

Stephen Fernands, Founder

Assists clients in managing the changes in the wholesale and retail electricity markets.