CX Studios: A Leap toward the Insight-Driven CX Strategy

The customer experience (CX) is not a self-fulfilling prophecy. It should contribute to the overarching business goals and connect to the brand strategy.

In an era where customers look toward brands for a better experience, the inability to carefully manage CX can adversely impact the businesses’ bottom line. Unfortunately, many brands are yet to realize that CX is more than implementing marketing tools; it’s about inculcating a CX mindset across the entire organization.

To achieve this, businesses need to obtain all the customer data that sits across various organizational silos and align their IT and operations teams with the CX strategy. However, the inability to define necessary internal processes, process principles, and responsibilities inevitably lead to more departmental silos, restricting CX from becoming an organization wide initiative.

This is where CX Studios, a leader in the CX space, makes a world of difference.

“We are integrating a CX mindset at the front end of the marketing and the back end of the operations with data at the centre,” says Bibhakar Pandey, co-founder and CEO, CX Studios.“At CX Studios, we execute our customers’ CX vision by focusing on time-to-value, reducing inefficiencies, and collaboratively building their brand equity and revenue growth. Our CX talent is multi-faceted, and that allows us to deliver measurable business outcomes like improved customer acquisition and increased retention through a unique polyglot capability". "From defining customer profiles, providing intelligence, managing journeys, and execution — we design a personalized, adaptive experience based on data, campaign, and audience segmentation that is supported each step of the journey.” says Jeannie Adair, Chief Creative Officer.

By strategically orchestrating the integration of tools—from customer data platforms (CDP), analytics, campaign and content management systems (CMS) to voice of customer (VOC)— CX Studios creates customer journeys that activate at every touchpoint, provide frictionless conversion, and make loyal customers by ultimately optimizing the CX journeys.

Breaking the Invisible Glass Ceiling through a CX Blueprint

Following an outcome-driven model, CX Studios identifies business opportunities that a particular organization might have on a case-to-case basis. This enables CX Studios to provide clients with a CX blueprint comprising KPIs, metrics for deliverables, and a roadmap along with a fully flushed out MVP. Clients get a clear view of the outcomes and the steps to achieve them.

“With the accelerated evolution that the CX space has witnessed, especially during the pandemic, companies are seeking solutions that can help them deliver personalized and engaging customer experience at speed and at scale,” states Pandey. “And they look to companies like us to take more accountability of their business outcomes which is what we see as an invisible glass ceiling that we need to break.”

For example, one of CX Studios’ clients was planning to implement a portal to engage with their end-users. However, they lacked clear KPIs and metrics of what the portal would achieve as a result. Although the client had rolled out the portal before they approached CX Studios, the company supported the client’s journey with a CX blueprint that enabled them to achieve specific KPIs.
CX Studios also provided the client with a visual component, which helped them engage with their customers through multiple channels.

The Road toward Strategic CX Vision

It is no longer a secret that without data and insights about consumers and other stakeholders, CX cannot unleash its true potential. However, data silos deter organizations from identifying the right opportunities along the customer journey to drive optimal CX results. As such, after establishing the CX blueprint, CX Studios looks at the clients’ data propulsion to extract insights from the wealth of data sitting in silos a critical step toward architecting the best-in-class CX strategy

CX Studios brings in its data scientists with domain experts and CX architects to help clients drive the future of their customer experience by leveraging cutting-edge technologies such as predictive analytics, artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Once CX Studios defines the clients’ data propulsion, it helps maximize their technology stack’s potential. A company’s tech and data stack are the basis for insight gathering and automation at scale. Although most companies understand that the current pace of digitalization demands new and flexible technology solution, they don’t realize that most of the technologies in their stack can support their CX vision with some minor adjustments. The technology just needs to be aligned with their CX strategy. CX Studios ensures the optimal use of client’s current technology stack. To further enhance the process, CX Studios creates a nimble architecture framework that enables clients to easily integrate novel technologies into their existing stack without a complete revamp. This enables the businesses to undergo rapid transformation with minimal changes.

“We Are Integrating A CX Mindset At The Front End Of The Marketing And The Back End Of The Operations With Data At The Centre”

“Our strategy approach for our clients is beyond the CX vision. The road to reaching the vision is not linear and rather unique to every organization – that’s why we believe in culturally integrating ourselves into their processes and the technology environments, allowing the building of momentum and a CX roadmap meshed with current business projects. Strategy is not just a great story, it is a grounded scalable execution plan delivering quick wins for our stakeholders, balanced with longer-term objectives supporting the organization’s goals…and for us, it means adopting their culture and their people,” says Milton Huezo, Chief Transformation Officer, CX Studios.

Delivering Ground-breaking CX Solutions

CX Studios’ comprehensive approach is complemented by its experienced team and prolific work culture. The company’s team includes top industry executives with diverse skill sets. CX Studios ensures that a POD with diverse skill set of CX multi-solutionist is allocated for each initiative. This caters to a more dynamic CX engagement with better customer engagement.

CX Studios’ competent team has created ground-breaking solutions for several clients.

Recently, the company helped one of its clients deliver a scalable CX solution after successfully accumulating considerable amount of data from various departments and subsidiaries.
After analysing the data, the CX Studios teamworking with the client team, found a way to not only monetize the information regarding the patient engagement but also provide a more personalized experience for all patient and caregiver communities. Such industry specific solutions are enabling CX Studio’s clients to upsell and cross sell their product and services across their subsidiaries. Also,it uplifts the patient experience throughout the entire care continuum.

“Our success depends on the success of our clients. To deliver on that promise we need to have the top 1% of CX talent in house, and to me the most exciting part at CX Studios is the way we are building the niche CX talent and polyglot capabilities,” says Sowri Krishnan,Chairman and Co-Founder, CX Studios.

Delivering a Holistic CX Story With Lunas

To deliver on such complex CX solutions, the CX Studios leadership team realized upfront that they will need to invest in building a niche capabilityto bridge the talent gap that exists in the CX and Mar-Tech space.

And to that effect, since the very beginning they invested in CX University. Led by Liana “Li” Evans, VP - Head of Learning and Delivery Enablement at CX Studios, the University is instrumental in hiring stem students from tier 2 & 3 schools across US and enabling them to be the top 1% of CX Talent as multi-solutionist CX Unicorns – ‘LUNAS’.

Through Our Partnerships and End-To-End Approach, We Operationalize the Orchestration of Stitching a Holistic CX Story Together

“Our CX Studios University program strives to educate and enable our team to understand Mar-Tech technologies from a Customer Experience perspective, weaving in design theory, data architecture concepts, awareness campaigns and voice of customer alignment into training on the top Mar-Tech technologies in the industry. Hiring top talent from the tier 2 and 3 schools and scaling them to be a true CX unicorn is what keeps me going every day at CX Studios,” says Evans.

Every associate joining CX Studios undergoes 1000 plus hours of dedicated classroom-style training with a continuous focus on earning badges and industry certification in the first year of their incubation period. This enables them to think holistically and take a scientific approach toward CX delivery.

CX Studios has also built strong partnerships with niche software providers in the CX space. The company leverages these partnerships to provide solutions across the entire CX management lifecycle.

“Through our partnerships and end-to-end approach, we operationalize the orchestration of stitching a holistic CX story together,” says Pandey. The partnerships are important in today’s business world, where CX has a direct impact on customer buying behaviours. It helps brands to rethink how they connect and communicate with customers, leaving behind the age-old practices.

CX Studios

Dallas, TX

Bibhakar Pandey, Co-Founder and CEO and Sowri Krishnan, Co-Founder & Chairman and Jeannie Adair, Chief Creative Officer and Milton Huezo, Head of Transformation and Liana Evans, Head of Learning & Delivery Enablement

By strategically orchestrating the integration of tools—from customer data platforms (CDP), analytics, and content management systems (CMS) to voice of customer (VOC)—CX Studios creates customer journeys that activate at every touchpoint, provide frictionless conversion, and make loyal customers by ultimately optimizing the CX journeys.

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