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Christian Printzell Halvorsen, CEO
It’s 2019, multitude of companies are still offering an 800 number and an email address for customer contact. When a business like this is put toe-to-toe against another entity that offers social care, video chat, and messenger bots, it’s a no brainer as for which one the customers are more likely to choose. More than two-thirds of the customers will unflinchingly deem the first option as “outdated or old-fashioned.” In a market where service is the key differentiator over price and product, companies cannot afford to become irrelevant. In the digital age, data defines power. It provides ability for organizations to stay ahead of the curve through actionable intelligence on demography. Enabling modern organizations and websites to unlock this power of data is Cxense –an AI-powered Data Management and Intelligent Personalization platform which helps 200 leading publishers and marketers around the globe build personal, profitable relationships with their customers.

Tracing its origins back to 2010, Cxense is a Norwegian success story of few individuals comprised of engineers and industry insiders. The founders came together with a shared vision of creating an ultimate tool for website owners and enabling them to know what their audience wants, and deliver on that promise. Defined by the adage – “no longer needing to search for relevancy, but relevancy finding you”, Cxense delivered this vision which wasn’t just confined to companies but was about fulfilling aspiration, intent and individuality while facilitating memorable experiences delivered to engage individuals.

Using audience data and advanced real-time analytics, Cxense creates hyper-relevant content recommendations and a personalized user experience that helps its clients increase their digital revenue and build a sustainable digital business model. The company’s technology organizes first party data into powerful custom segments and 1:1 user profiles before applying machine learning to understand and predict customer behavior and intent. As a result, the Cxense’s clients are able to deliver unique and relevant content and offers to customers in real time, driving more subscriptions, sales, and higher customer lifetime value.

A Scalable Platform

Cxense platform is built on the company’s massively scalable real-time data architecture, combined with its powerful artificial intelligence capabilities to help its customers in achieving success with a three tiered platform approach. With Data Fusion, the company aggregates and enriches all of its customer’s data sources such as analytics data, registration data, CRM data, advertising data and fuses them together across all of their digital experiences to creating a single, comprehensive, 1:1 view of all of their users and customers. The company employs Data Activation for activating its client’s rich audience profiles and segments, creating ROI for their data. Through this data, the customer is able to improve their marketing conversions, content engagement, advertising performance and more. They can also connect their data to their ecosystems- ad exchanges, 3rd party marketing execution platforms, business intelligence and more. Cxense’s data intelligence aspect is highly intuitive and provides the customer with answers before they need to ask the questions. It can enable the client in predicting success and learn more about the customer’s everyday routines with powerful insights derived from client’s data. It also provides the client with visualization into their campaigns in real-time and helping them with the decision making.

A Robust Product Range

The platform is segregated into a range of four diverse product sets namely Cxense insight, Cxense DMP, Cxense content and Cxense Conversion engine.
The Cxense empowers the client with real time insights on how their users are interacting with their sites. The Cxense core engine is built on the Cxense’s technology, optimized to capture and action a large number of events in real time. Cxense product captures user data from any device, across multiple sites, and from multiple devices and offers tailored traffic reports to understand how end-users are consuming content. It also identifies the external sites that drive traffic to the customer and how it is split across different devices, browsers and operating systems. The platform follows the popularity of individual articles and pages through their lifecycle and gets detailed information on page views and unique users while discovering new ways of how the article can drive recommendations and contextual ads. It enables the client in understanding how people navigate to articles and how much time they spend on the site or where they go next.

Cxense DMP is a product that gathers, segments and actions the client data in real time to drive digital revenue for them. The product combines first, second and third-party data, analyzes it, develops individual user profiles and audience segments, and puts the data to work across the customer sites and multi-channel marketing plan. As power lies in combining socio-demographic data sets with each individual user’s interests, intent, and context, Cxense DMP gathers data and analyzes it to produce meaningful insight and segments. The DMP enables the client to get data and insight on their audience across devices and platforms and puts that data to work in order to engage and monetize the customer’s audience. The product helps the customer in building a loyal, engaged audience and converting site visitors to subscribers while earning higher prices for premium ad targeting. The product also uses tools from the Cxense platform such as Cxense Maxifier and Cxense Content or integrates with the client’s preferred ad server and marketing tools.

Cxense Content is a personalization product that gathers and analyzes user data to know which content to bring forward at any particular moment. Content and product recommendations match individual user interests to drive engagement and conversions. Website personalization delivers an immediate increase in page views and time spent on the site while also decreasing bounce rates. By bringing the most relevant content, promotions and offers forward, businesses also witness much higher conversion rates and digital revenue. Personalization can be driven by many aspects, such as the context of the current page, and article popularity. You can actively leverage user attributes, such as their location, device, interests, or data about their subscriptions and past purchases. Similarly, Cxense conversion engine also understands the readers and increases subscription revenues. As ad revenues decline but the willingness to pay for content increases, publishers realize that success depends once again on forming close relationships with their readers. Cxense Conversion Engine helps publishers turn audience insight into revenue by doing just that. Based on real-time behavioral, contextual and even socio-demographic data, Conversion Engine enables publishers to create personalized customer journeys that can make the difference between a casual reader and a subscriber.

Today, with the digital acumen and robust product range, Cxense tracks more than two billion user profiles on behalf of more than 200 customers globally, on more than 17,500 sites, all in real-time. The company helps businesses succeed in a digital world with solutions process interactions from about 7,000 websites on 2 billion devices each quarter. Cxense is also listed on the Oslo Stock Exchange and has offices in Norway, the US, Japan, Russia, Germany, and Argentina. Currently, the company is working with some of the major brands such as Rakuten, Aeon, Wall Street Journal, LIFULL, South China Morning Post, Winnipeg Free Press, Grupo Clarin, NBC Universal, and many more.


Oslo, Norway

Christian Printzell Halvorsen, CEO

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