Cxera: Optimizing Customer Experience with 24/7 Digital Engagement

Craig Nelson, CEO
The current digital customer space is ripe with electronic platforms designed to help businesses gain powerful insights aimed at increasing audience engagement, success and retaining customers. However, with an ever-increasing wealth of web and microsite templates at their disposal, many firms have to constantly perform trial and error to sync their customer marketing and success campaigns with the evolving digital market.

Addressing these challenges with its thought leaders, proven marketplace templates, and SaaS-based customer experience (CX) products is CXera. The company’s Everboarding approach is an intuitive methodology that combines technology solutions and highly collaborative yet simple CX tools to help account and customer success managers prioritize the digital CX journey. It provides an easy way to engage and monitor current digital developments and key performance indicators (KPIs) to proactively engage customers, resolve issues, enable and improve customer success while driving adoption. CXera also boosts business expansion and customer loyalty from pre- to post-sales, upgrades renewal, or churn rate, and is a cost-efficient solution for customer support and retention.

CXera’s Everboarding guides marketing, sales and CS staff, supporting them with the next-best action after first contact, and providing a prescriptive approach to connect, monitor, and understand the overall health of end customers. CXera’s core belief that ‘customer onboarding never ends’ empowers Everboarding. The approach reduces time from purchase to customer success, decreases service costs, induces service adoption, and enhances net promoter score (NPS) and reference bases. Everboarding also allows the seamless integration of CXera’s microsites with a client’s existing enterprise communication solutions like Google Meet, Zoom Conferences, Microsoft Teams, and Slack to streamline their ability to engage with relevant audiences and drive customer and vendor success. For example, when scheduling your next customer meeting with Google Calendar or a Slack Channel, select a CXera template to provide immediate access to a targeted microsite.

“Our Everboarding approach continually boosts targeted digital communication with customers and extends collaborations to stimulate customer action and make AI recommendations that drive consistent improvement with customer success and experience,” said Craig Nelson, CEO of CXera.

Everboarding simplifies customer onboarding by engaging with people through public or private microsites created in minutes, to fulfill business prospects. CXera prioritizes the creation of a microsite over sequential email processes to encourage actions like self-recorded customer introduction and to gain actionable insights into their preferences.
These microsites create a path to the initial buyer contacts and formulate onboarding strategies with 40+ templates to enhance CX and identify interested users by extracting data from digital networks, the cloud, or local storage. The gathered customer input, behavior analytics, and NPS ratings help with the customer’s progress and motivation in the first 30 days, promoting a low-code/no-code approach to improve customer success and retention via microsites.

CXera goes beyond the creation of microsites with its CXera Marketplace, which contains purpose-built templates created by CXera customers and partners on a range of customer experience use cases that improve customer adoption, success, expansion and profitability. The templates come with associated podcasts to drive interest and education toward microsite adoption. These templates are backed by an AI recommendation engine and detailed analytics that promote CX-targeted campaigns.

An example of this is one of CXera’s clients, in the services business, that updates their product every quarter. Through CXera’s microsites, the customer could elevate cross-selling and upsell their ever-evolving offerings, while simply and consistently timing the delivery of their business message to target customers.

The CXera solution makes it possible for businesses to deliver personalized Experience Sites™ using their existing workflows and to start improving their CX today

Similarly, CXera assisted a biotechnology research firm in successfully onboarding new clinics via microsites. It offered advanced resources support during this collaboration to boost initial education, ongoing customer communication, and Everboarding implementation to ensure proper use of their solution. Ultimately, CXera developed a reusable template displaying communication banner, a customer rating scale, an onboarding survey, and overall clinic communication. Through the new site, the customer could efficiently set microsite requirements for each of their new clinics and product launches or updates specific to the needs of each clinic. Today, one of their major KPIs is the ability to boost customer success at quicker rate.

CXera is a technology firm focused on revolutionizing the B2B CX through Digital Experience Microsites that help customers digitally communicate, collaborate, take action and continuously improve customer success. The CXera solution makes it possible for non-technical users to deliver personalized Experience Sites™ using their existing workflows and to start improving their CX today.


Edina, MN

Craig Nelson, CEO

Enabling sales and customers to have optimum experiences through digital microsites at each step of the customer journey. CXera is revolutionizing the handoff between Sales and Services. Its solutions reduce churn and help manage relationships better and customer success KPIs to track value.