Cyan: Comprehensive SDN and NFV Solutions for Network Transformation

Mark Floyd, Chairman
As SDN is rapidly transforming networks to software-centric, it is difficult for several network operators to pace up with the latest innovations and adjust to the change. A leading information delivery platform provider who offers integrated network solutions, data center and IT services lacked network agility and flexibility. With the aim of minimizing these networking problems, the company required a comprehensive solution to improve their operational efficiency and reduce the Capital expenditures (CapEx) for developing a cost-effective and simplified network. In the process of searching for a suitable solution that could handle its Layer-2 and Layer-3 networks and services, they adopted Cyan’s Blue Planet SDN and Z-Series packet optical Platform. Cyan is a leading comprehensive SDN and NFV solution provider and a specialist in network transformation. The SDN solution provider offered an orchestrated, visualized, and scaled platform to improve the client’s network complexities. “By leveraging our solutions, they could successfully reduce its configuration errors and operational challenges, for an improved performance of their Carrier Ethernet network,” explains Mark Floyd, Chairman and CEO, Cyan.

Cyan delivers network virtualization solutions for multi-vendor, multi-layer control, and a complete visibility to network operators for an effective and profitable service delivery. Based in Petaluma, CA, the firm offers several solutions that enable its customers to scale networks, reduce cost, and simplify network operations. “Our Blue Planet SDN Software, Z-Series Packet-Optical Platform, and N-Series Hyperscale platform allow customers to develop complete software-defined, open, and scalable networks,” explains Floyd.

Being a specialist in providing SDN solutions, the Blue Planet platform provides automatic SDN control and multiple vendor management quality, which is built to enhance network and WAN operations. “The platform offers a set of applications, such as, Planet Orchestrate and Planet Operate that is developed to manage and control both physical network elements and virtual SDN and NFV services,” says Floyd. Leveraging these applications can provide advanced visualization of network layers and elements, enabling users to have a better understanding of the network.
“With the continuous expansion of networks in size and technological complexity, Cyan’s unique solutions are developed for network operators to design networks in a quick and cost-effective manner,” says Floyd. Coupled with Blue planet, Cyan’s Z-Series Packet Optional platform provides solutions for network operators for upgrading their network from edge to the core. The Z-Series packet optical platform was formed to transform multiple technology layer networks to a manageable and scalable one. “The Z-Series provides a set of integrated solutions that offers up to 100GbE packet scalability, and applications such as Carrier Ethernet 2.0 service delivery, data center interconnect, router bypass, and more,” explains Floyd.

Cyan’s unique ability to provide a multi-layer visualization of the end-to-end network connections differentiates it from its competitors. Highlighting the uniqueness of the company, Floyd says, “Our CA-based Blue Orbit Lab is the key component of our SDN and NFV ecosystem,” says Floyd. Blue Orbit ecosystem helps in minimizing the interoperability risks for network operators and increasing the production deployments for multiple vendors.

Our Blue Planet SDN Software and Z-Series Packet-Optical Platform help in developing complete softwaredefined, open, and scalable networks

Additionally, the Blue Planet software offers Element Adapters (EAs), that enable the platform to communicate with over 50 third-party devices for a multi-vendor networks. “With the aim at delivering advanced SDN solutions, we recently upgraded the Blue Orbit Ecosystem, for improving their customers’ services and meeting their SDN and NFV application, scale, and performance requirements,” concludes Floyd.


Petaluma, CA

Mark Floyd, Chairman

Provider of SDN and NFV solutions for transforming network