Cyanna Educational Services: Consultative Service For Top-Quality Schooling And Higher Education Sys

CIO VendorTim Laseke, Managing Partner
The consulting advisory service supports formation of topnotch schooling and higher education systems. Founded in 2008 and headquartered in Columbus, OH, Cyanna Educational Services (Cyanna) provides consulting advisory services to educational institutions in the private and public post secondary sector, including degree and non-degree programs, trade schools, technical colleges, and other privately held institutions.

Cyanna delivers its clients effective consulting services focused on state compliance and accreditation matters and an advanced student-life-cycle school management software service to help schools with record keeping, business improvement, and compliance needs. The firm offers curriculum development services to assist schools grow their business and accomplish their goal.
Cyanna works with state and national accrediting agencies to assist with electronic web-based delivery of compliance information between agencies and member constitutions.

The firm lends hand to schools for the preparation of state and national accreditation application and self evaluation reports. Cyanna has widespread experience in assisting institutions to changeover from non-accredited to accredited institutions. The company offers specialized services for risk analysis and risk management designed especially for proprietary schools.

Since its inception, Cyanna has been offering unprejudiced services to customers in educational verticals. Cyanna that works with distinctive organizations understands each client’s unique array of issues, goals, and desired outcomes and helps them to achieve target beforehand. The company’s pioneering solutions are based on best practices and incorporate the measures best suitable to attain the customer’s goals.

Cyanna Educational Services

Columbus, OH

Tim Laseke, Managing Partner and Chris Eckels, Managing Partner

Cyanna delivers business consulting and commercial grade software solutions focused on the total student life-cycle