Cybage Software: Services that Support New Monetization Channels for Media & Entertainment Industry

The media and entertainment industry is witnessing the rise of borderless and agile enterprises. Adjusting to the digital transformational impact, the industry’s challenges revolve around the change in velocity, scale, and pace of technology and the emerging trends of cloud, social media, big data and collaboration technologies. Cybage, a provider of business-aligned, scalable and cutting-edge solutions for media and entertainment companies has been fulfilling these technology gaps in the industry through its dedicated Media and Entertainment practice.

Cybage primarily focuses on staying ahead of the curve by embracing and adhering to new technological and industry trends. The company is one of the first adopters of social media, mobile and cloud technologies. The company’s unique expertise in matters of domain and technology has helped enterprises to open up additional monetization avenues. Cybage consistently collaborates with industry leaders to help engineer IT solutions for business scenarios such as multichannel publishing, video and mobile advertising, Internet Protocol Television (IPTV) solutions and more. Furthermore, with the help of native mobile apps and mobile optimized web solutions, the firm integrates publishers with right set of audience.

"Media organizations have to be able to address a unique problem of short attention span of information overload and make the most of this opportunity," says Arun Nathani, CEO and Managing Director, Cybage. This means, a large amount of data needs to be processed in a short span of time. “Big Data is most relevant to help with audience measurement and targeted advertising solutions," he adds; an aspect that is of prime importance to media organizations.

Our unique expertise in the matters of domain and technology has helped enterprises open up value added avenues

CIO VendorArun Nathani, CEO & Managing Director
ExcelShore®, Cybage’s model for operational excellence, is a scientific and data-driven basis for value delivery. This model focuses on various parameters such as relationship, project status, human resources, and risks to help derive faster ROI. The model optimizes Cybage to offer solutions at the best value per unit cost when compared to its competitors.

Cybage’s Cloud CoE(Centers of Excellence) has helped media agencies address the big data problem. By capitalizing on the company’s knowledge in Business Intelligence (BI), cloud and distributed computing, organizations not only can manage their data functions, but also ensure comprehensive insights and analytics, while ensuring better availability and scalability.

The company’s deeply ingrained practices can be measured by the success of its clients. One example is a reputed digital media and marketing firm whose need was to develop major analytics modules and to provide rich interface for the required functionalities. The client also requires a competency for data management and support to enabled validation and monitoring of data for various applications. As a result, Cybage totally revamped the client’s proprietary marketing performance management platforms and restructured the modules including an introduction of a new UI. Correspondingly, the client’s ROI monitoring and reporting improved and the dashboard application is available with a user-friendly, up-to-date ETL (Extract Transform Load) tool.

Cybage’s objective is driven to focus on thought leadership by extending business operations through organic and incremental progression as an IT service company in the product engineering space. Going forward, the company also plans on building technology strengths and opening up avenues for more services and fuel growth.

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