Cyber adAPT: Balancing the BYOD-Security Equation

Kirsten Bay, President & CEO The number of active mobile devices on earth is quickly reaching that of the human population–and of U.S. millennials alone, nearly all own a smartphone and use it for business. In the march towards productivity, flexible working hours, and mobile-centric computing, Gartner predicts that half of employers around the world will launch a BYOD (‘Bring Your Own Device’) strategy by 2017.

Access to critical knowledge and services on any device, anywhere, is the fuel to the amazing engine of this generation of millennials. This is an exciting time where we intend to be at the forefront of

Despite the many benefits of a mobilized workforce, in their move towards BYOD, organizations often overlook critical security issues that come with remotely accessible enterprise networks. The onus rests on the CISO, CIO or CTO to ensure that regardless of how many external devices are connected or where they are connecting from, that all communication back to the network is secured. “Some IT departments perceive Mobile Device Management (MDM) as the cure-all tool for securing mobile devices, MDM solutions cannot prevent data leakages or fend off attacks,” explains Kirsten Bay, President and CEO, Cyber adAPT. “MDM often just enables email and calendar access, barely scratching the surface of the potential for mobile and BYOD secure enablement.”

Cyber adAPT suggests that security professionals focus on a few key factors when looking to protect mobile-enabled enterprise networks: powering productivity, reducing risk, and improving the user experience. Bay and the Cyber adAPT team have made it their mission to ensure their Secure Device Management (SDM) solution guarantees seamless, 100 percent secure access to all cloud and network services while remote. The powerful, industry-first combination of their SDM solution and pioneering Attack Detection platform delivers real-time monitoring of all mobile network traffic and detection of actualized attacks immediately after deployment.

Cyber adAPT SDM powers productivity by ensuring that employees have fully enabled, secure access to cloud and network resources, to be more efficient with more tasks completed ‘on the road’. The solution reduces risk by leveraging an IPSec VPN to guarantee protection from man-in-middle attacks, with the ability to auto quarantine or ‘wipe’ compromised secured devices, and prevent data leakage with controlled access to cloud storage. Additionally, SDM improves the user experience by providing a true ‘plug and protect’ solution, completely tamper-resistant and invisible to the user–NO log-ins or passwords required.
"We are expanding our research team to develop more relevant predictive analytics so that we can identify the key entry points of an adversary more effectively"

Not only is Cyber adAPT extending perimeter defenses out to all devices, they are doing so without compromising network performance or the user experience.

Cyber adAPT SDM connects devices to the network through a secure IPsec Virtual Private Network (VPN) tunnel, flexibly implementing security policies. “We support split tunneling and an always-on VPN, ensuring that the data between devices and the enterprise network is fully encrypted while private communications remain just that,” states Bay.

In a recent deployment, a well-known U.S. government agency desperately needed to protect the Personally Identifiable Information (PII) and financial data of tourists and residents. Apart from a firewall and basic content filtering, the agency had no existing cyber security architecture. Immediately after installing Cyber adAPT, the client could detect threats in real-time, resulting in a shorter malware presence lifecycle and quicker response time to actual attacks. The agency was also able to deploy Cyber adAPT SDM out to all first responders in the field, giving them secure access to all network and cloud resources while outside the network perimeter. Owing to a two-factor authentication and VPN connection, the government body was able to accommodate law enforcement authentication policies for the State as well as the agency. “Since keeping up with government standards posed a significant challenge for the client, Cyber adAPT allowed them to connect to the law enforcement database, from the office or a remote device,” remarks Bay. As soon as Cyber adAPT was deployed, it began detecting suspicious activity, providing actionable information for network defenders to take appropriate remediation steps in the event of a breach. “We not only tailored Cyber adAPT to suit the client's specific needs, but with minimal training, the agency was able to understand and confidently respond to alarms in real-time,” says Bay.

"With our platform, the client’s field representatives experienced protected and seamless mobility through secure access to network resources from any location"

Going INSIDE the Perimeter

While exponential BYOD and mobile growth must be taken into consideration when building security architectures, enterprise network detection remains a top concern for security professionals and the Cyber adAPT team. “We understand that security professionals need faster and more reliable insight into attacks and we also know how challenging this is to provide. Our approach is incremental, delivering to customers a platform that continues to evolve and improve as a central component of a security architecture,” states Bay.

Cyber adAPT’s non-signature based, agent-less detection platform is fully scalable, deploys in minutes, and surfaces malicious activity even in well-protected networks. The solution analyzes protocol and application activity in real-time and provides detection at line speeds. Its operational dashboard enables rapid threat assessment. Used as a stand-alone or integrated into any SIEM, Cyber adAPT correlates all events past and present and alerts security professionals in real-time on attacks in flight in their enterprise network. “While traditional security tools rely on historic attack patterns and technologies that only sandbox the perimeter to analyze the captured data as it passes through the boundary, Cyber adAPT provides live analysis of traffic on the wire,” says Bay.
Combining the secure device protection with inside perimeter attack detection, Cyber adAPT empowered a client with a network of independent advisors that needed to enable and secure their increasingly mobile operations.

Cyber adAPT was installed as a single appliance inside the network and Cyber adAPT SDM was deployed to all devices. The client immediately had full visibility of all traffic, including mobile, and detected anomalous traffic caused by malware that had already bypassed the signature system. “With our platform, the client’s field representatives experienced protected and seamless mobility through secure access to network resources from any location,” shares Bay.

The Cyber adAPT attack detection platform was born out of years of research in the network detection space. The platform passively observes network traffic and correlates events indicative of malicious activity—both malware and human driven—through deep packet inspection. This precisely automated correlation saves operational costs, ensuring security teams are no longer manually chasing down what end up being false positive alarms.

Bolstering Detection with Forensics

The company recently released an enhanced version of their platform called Cyber adAPT PLUS, enabling users to capture and correlate many months, or years, of historical traffic. Cyber adAPT PLUS delivers intelligent forensics to provide greater context and enhance the response team’s ability to respond and remediate effectively.

As enterprises continue to expand their digital footprint across devices and around the world, their attack surface grows. “By properly attributing network traffic we can provide faster remediation and understanding of the attack path,” points out Bay.

Cyber adAPT’s specialized research team is dedicated to continually identifying new behavior patterns and integrating with threat feeds to provide clients with the most effective and up-to-date attack detection solution possible. “We are expanding our research team to develop more relevant predictive analytics so that we can identify the key entry points of an adversary more effectively,” says Bay.

The company is constantly advancing their roadmap and looking for ways to accelerate the delivery of value to their customers. Case in point, they recently acquired Mobile Active Defense’s (M@D) secure smart device technology, creating a completely joined up team to work on security from a new angle.

“Our collaborative approach forms the core value of who we are, and we believe in engaging in a participatory environment which ultimately helps us deliver state-of-the-art experiences,” states Bay.

The Immediate Future

As mobile and BYO devices continue to radically change the nature of the perimeter, Cyber adAPT will empower the mobile user, providing secure access to network and cloud resources, while taking full advantage of the capability and user experience of the smart device.

“Expectations have shifted. Access to critical knowledge and services on any device, anywhere, is the fuel to the amazing engine of this generation of millennials. This is an exciting time that we intend to be at the forefront of,” says Bay.

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