Cyber Forza: AI-Based Multi-Layer and Multi-Level Cyber Defense for Enterprise Security

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Dr. Venkat Rayapati, Founder, Chairman & CEO
In Q3 of 2018 alone, Forrester research identified about 1,114 exploits per firm, each of which represents an opportunity for a cybercriminal to infiltrate a network and compromise valuable data. Cyber Forza customer survey data shows that the enterprise cyber security threats increased significantly in 2018.

With the threat landscape evolving at a rapid rate, having only basic security measures such as a firewall, antivirus or identity access controls are inadequate to provide defense against the most sophisticated cyberattacks. In order to protect an enterprise from cyberattack today, one requires 30 to 50 silo cyber products that do not interoperate with each other. Each silo product focuses on a single threat vector, and hence, there is no data correlation when there is real data breach. It is a very big challenge for the enterprise security teams to analyze, detect, and isolate the problem. In addition, to get to the root cause takes several months. Enterprises have to burn huge amount of resources and time to identify the root cause, which is very expensive, and yet enterprises lose data as well as brand reputation.

Today, enterprises facing multiple cyberattacks from multiple cyber criminals are one of the major industry challenges. There is no integrated product that covers multiple cyberattacks arising from external, internal, and end points to protect enterprise. Enterprises need an artificial intelligence (AI) based multi-layered and multi-level defense that can prevent attack at each layer of the security stack: operating system (OS), network, and application layers, while also detecting potential threats and suspicious activities proactively. This is precisely what Santa Clara-based Cyber Forza brings to the table. The company offers cutting-edge cognitive AI-based cloud intelligent security software that mitigates advanced security issues across all levels of an organization.

Dr. Venkat Rayapati, founder, chairman, and CEO of Cyber Forza, says, “With the internet opening the floodgates for cybercriminals and hackers today, security threats of any type can emanate from anywhere. Hence, it is of utmost importance to analyze and secure every corner of an organization to keep cyberattacks at bay.” Based on a survey of 100 enterprise customers, the enterprise cyber security maturity level today ranges from 1 to 1.8 in the scale of 5. In order for enterprises to protect themselves, they must have maturity curve of 4.0 to 4.5. Cyber Forza has developed a highly integrated security software suite called Cloud Cyber Intelligent Security Software (C2ISS) to provide organizations end-to-end umbrella protection from external/ outside threats, internal/inside threats as well as the deepest internal endpoint threat protection. “Our solutions, powered by adaptive and cognitive AI algorithms, can identify, detect, prevent, and isolate even the most advanced attacks effectively and proactively,” affirms Dr. Rayapati. Based on some DoD customers, data center customers, and enterprise customer feedback, Cyber Forza truly separates C2ISS in the marketplace with its compliance with industry regulations, standards, and rules such as PCI-DSS, HIPAA, FISMA, CIS, SOX, and CDI, and ability to operate with any existing security infrastructure.

The lack of advanced cybersecurity detection mechanisms like advanced malware and phishing is met with Cyber Forza’s multi-layer, multi-level security software that can mitigate advanced security problems in the enterprise segment. The integrated cyber intelligent security product is intra-operable over the security infrastructure, allowing effective tracking of existing gaps and proving highly beneficial to banks that work on legacy systems. “Our C2ISS provides an umbrella protection with end-to-end coverage,” explains Dr. Rayapati.

Our solutions, powered by adaptive and cognitive AI algorithms, can identify, detect, and defend the most advanced cyberattacks effectively and proactively

The company’s external threat protection product, C2ISS Defender, includes firewall, VPN, ransomware, advanced malware, and phishing protection, DDOS adaptation protection, and DNS infrastructure protection. The solution monitors, reports, and shapes traffic besides balancing loads to ensure high availability for enterprises. Powered by cognitive AI (20-in-1) cyber security product, C2ISS Defender stacks security appliances one on top of the other to address daily challenges posed by known and emerging threats.

An integrated solution of C2ISS Defender and Active Directory/LDAP server called C2ISS Interceptor is used to provide internal threat protection to clients with its real-time monitoring of enterprise systems and data. This product utilizes integrated adaptive and cognitive artificial intelligence along with threat analytics to generate reports of security audits and offers real-time notifications in case of any threat. Working on seven integrated and inter-operable modules, C2ISS Interceptor proffers IAM, SSO, multifactor authentication, and data loss protection. In addition, it oversees the corporate security policy and assures regulatory compliance with PCI-DSS, HIPAA, FISMA, CIS, SOX, and CDI.

At its core, C2ISS comprises of three modules: C2ISS Defender, C2ISS Interceptor, and C2ISS Forza Client. While C2ISS Defender is the firms’ external threat protection component, C2ISS Interceptor is its internal threat protection solution. With the help of C2ISS Defender, a firm can shield itself against multiple simultaneous attacks coming from the external world. By replacing the stack of security appliances, the highly integrated solution secures the OS level, network level, and application-level in an organization. That being said, in order to provide more granular visibility into the network and infrastructure of an enterprise, Cyber Forza developed the C2ISS Interceptor. Using the solution, IT and network administrators can monitor an enterprise’s servers, networks, and data centers in real-time to see who is accessing data, internet sites, and applications that can potentially avert risk. Alongside, the firm also offers C2ISS Forza Client for endpoint threat protection. “In a nutshell, with C2ISS, enterprises gain an all-in-one solution that integrates with existing network architectures seamlessly,” states Dr. Rayapati.

Today, clients from various sectors, including banking, insurance, pharmaceutical, healthcare, defense, education, and retail ride on Cyber Forza’s C2ISS products to protect their enterprises against sophisticated cyberattacks. Cyber Forza’s roadmap clearly indicates that the company is leading in highly integrated cyber Security stack with security customization options both in virtualized and containerized environments. At the same time, the company is providing real-time vulnerability integrated with better threat analytics visibility to help users rapidly detect and respond to emerging threats. As the lines continue to blur between internal and external cyberthreats, Cyber Forza sits at a unique intersection to bring about a transformational change in the way cyberattacks are approached.

Cyber Forza News

Cyber Forza, Inc. Announces a Strategic Partnership with Japan Radio Co. Ltd (JRC) to Bring Cognitive & Adaptive AI-Based Secure Communications to Japan and Worldwide Public Safety

SANTA CLARA, Calif: Japan Radio Co., Ltd (JRC) owned and operated by Government of Japan and a leader in Advanced LTE Network in a Box Products and cloud RAN application with integrated security solutions, announced a strategic partnership with Cyber Forza, global provider of AI-driven, prevention-first security solutions. This strategic partnership will enhance JRC Advanced LTE Box Solution and Cloud Communication Solution with the additional benefit of Cyber Forza's AI-driven threat detection to proactively prevent advanced threats, Ransomware, and malware in Advanced 4G/5G network and cloud applications related to Public Safety.

The use of JRC Advanced LTE Box Solution and cloud RAN applications including Cloud Communication Systems of JRC, has become nearly ubiquitous in organizations of all sizes and as a result, threats from Ransomware, Advanced malware and phishing attacks are increasing in scale and complexity. Cyber Forza’s CISS Defender adoptive AI-based threat detection adds enhanced protection against advanced threats often missed by traditional security technology. By leveraging the Advanced Communications Network in a Box with integrated Cyber Intelligent Security Software from Cyber Forza Inc., Government and non-Govt. organizations can better protect their Communications Infrastructure. Cloud RAN applications gain greater visibility and control using Cyber Forza CISS Defender.

"Advanced Ransomware threats and malware are continuously evolving to be much more difficult to detect," said Dr. Katsuhiko Sato, General Manager, Global LTE Business Development Group, Business Operation Division - JRC. "With Cyber Forza's powerful AI-based Ransomware and advanced malware detection integrated with JRC LTE Box Solution we can counter these threats. JRC Advanced Solution with cloud RAN-native implementation offers enhanced communications infrastructure cyber security protection. We can offer customers the ability to not only detect but to prevent advanced malware penetration of customer data, cloud assets and their proprietary business information."

"We are excited that JRC has selected Cyber Forza to provide their customers with our Cognitive & Adaptive AI-based prevention technology," said Dr. Venkat Rayapati, Founder and Chief Executive Officer at Cyber Forza. "Our Adaptive AI-based security technology, coupled with our prevention-first approach to cybersecurity, has permanently reinvented how businesses address network infrastructure end to end security today."

Cyber Forza

Santa Clara, CA

Dr. Venkat Rayapati, Founder, Chairman & CEO

A Santa Clara-based firm, Cyber Forza offers multi-layer, multi-level security software, Cyber Intelligent Security Software (CISS) to mitigate advanced security issues in the enterprise segment. The next-gen integrated security suite, which is powered by adaptive and cognitive AI algorithms helps identify, detect, and protect an entire organization from outside threats to the deepest internal endpoint. What truly separates CISS in the marketplace is its compliance with regulations, standards, and rules such as PCI-DSS, HIPAA, FISMA, CIS, SOX, and CDI and ability to operate with any existing security infrastructure. Today, clients from various sectors, including banking, insurance, pharmaceutical, healthcare, education, and retail ride on Cyber Forza’s CISS coattails to protect their enterprises against sophisticated cyberattacks

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