CyberSponse, Inc. :Revolutionizing Incident Response with Automation and Orchestration

Joseph Loomis, Founder & CEO
“Security automation and orchestration with Incident Response (IR) is the future of the fast-paced IT industry.” The bold statement comes from seasoned serial entrepreneur, Joseph Loomis, Founder and CEO of CyberSponse, as he stresses on the need for filling the void between humans and machines to reinforce the enterprise security posture. According to Mr. Loomis, in the wake of rapidly growing instances of cybersecurity incidents and attacks, security teams grapple to keep up with the skyrocketing cost, demand, turnover, burnout, and overload of alerts. Anchored manual processes, basic and too many tools, and involvement of key personnel are the main challenges in today’s cybersecurity operations.

For SOCs who are looking at connecting and integrating diverse cybersecurity tools, automation and orchestration can be the answer. This is where CyberSponse steps into the picture with its security management intelligence platform narrowing down the focus on Security Orchestration and Automated Response (SOAR).

The CyberSponse platform instills the functionalities of all the security tools into a single console, enabling more effective, mature, and more efficient security operations and procedures. Accentuating the abundance of sophisticated hacking groups targeting business executives on-the-move, Loomis stresses, “Organizations need to know more about managing and controlling the security environment so that it’s not changing with every transformation in executive leadership or security management.”

To this end, CyberSponse draws the trump card of automation for stabilizing the security environment with repeatable processes—Incident Response— and procedures—or Remediation Playbooks—to curb down dependency on staffing, skill-set and change of control. The firm’s encrypted knowledge-based, easy to integrate, awareness-driven, and scalable platform frames the security architecture of an organization into one picture allowing both staff and tools to work as a single entity. “CyberSponse’s value proposition is about solving problems specifically around staffing, process, connectivity, and simplification of the security stack,” adds Loomis.

CyberSponse, unlike other security products, operates as the central nucleus from both the machine and human perspective to supercharge an organization’s security stack, responding to a broad spectrum of attack vectors like email and end-point malware infections, DDOS attacks, intrusion detection, and much more.

CyberSponse’s value proposition is about solving problems specifically around staffing, process, connectivity, and simplification of the security stack

The firm allows semi or full automation of the remediation to restrict redundant and manual tasks, enabling security analysts to focus more on containment, eradication, and recovery from an incident, event or alert. With a vision to boost performance of a SOC, CyberSponse conjointly operates with teams and tools by automatically triggering courses of actions for machines, based on the responses from the staff, in a much quicker fashion and mature approach than other scripting based solutions.

As an RSA veteran, CyberSponse exhibited demonstrations and capabilities at the recent RSA 2017, where every year, the smart, forward-thinking global community congregates for the biggest cybersecurity event of the year. At the conference, CyberSponse’s solution was dubbed the ‘Real Swag Giveaway’ as the elite team skillfully demonstrated how they are leading the wave in the security orchestration and automation space by marketing facts and reality. Evidently, there is a clear rationale as to why companies from diverse sectors like retail, healthcare, financial services, and different government departments and agencies are engaging with prominent players like CyberSponse to automate their IR and SOC management.

In a nutshell, CyberSponse’s technology for automating cyber ecosystems is perfectly positioned for organizations lacking IR plans, skill sets, and the overall ad-hoc approach while dealing with security incidents and alerts. In the fall of 2017, the firm is set to take the wraps off its community active on | “The community is aimed at bringing together the greatest minds in the security landscape to help move the industry in the right direction for operational planning, execution, and material generation,” concludes Loomis.

CyberSponse, Inc

Arlington, VA

Joseph Loomis, Founder & CEO

Provider of security management intelligence platform focusing on Security Orchestration and Automated Response (SOAR)

CyberSponse, Inc