CYBERBIT : Defeating the Unknown

Adi Dar, CEO
Trojan horse, phishing, headless worms, two-faced malware, machine-to-machine attacks, ghostware, and innumerous others are the fine examples that the security threats are becoming increasingly sophisticated and harder to detect and respond to. The traditional security tools like firewall, antivirus, and anti-spam software do not suffice as they cannot prevent, detect, or facilitate response to advanced, targeted threats. With cyber crime on the rise, it is imperative for enterprises to maximize their detection capabilities to response cycles and to provide an accurate, quick and informative response to cyber security threats. This can be achieved by leveraging organizational knowledge, best practices and past experience—and that is where CYBERBIT comes into the picture. The company’s security offerings assist enterprise and critical infrastructure customers in securing their networks against advanced and targeted cyber threats.

CYBERBIT’s Endpoint Detection and Response (CyberShield EDR) enables enterprises to detect and respond to advanced threats that have not been detected by traditional security tools, while minimizing time-to-response and to conduct ad-hoc forensics analyses. The solution helps detect dwelling and future threats, including targeted and advanced threats and to investigate them and respond to them while minimizing both detection and response times. “We do this by using behavioral analytics and machine learning algorithms over big data and by deploying strong, intelligent, kernel-based sensors which collect and analyze all endpoint data and provide notable insights and generate analyses and alerts,” remarks Adi Dar, CEO, CYBERBIT. CyberShield EDR is installed in large scale deployments of a advanced TIER-1 customers. “The product assists our customers, in operating large networks of thousands of endpoints, to discover advanced and targeted cyber threats and to respond proactively before actual damage can occur in their network.”

Complimenting CyberShield EDR is CYBERBIT’s Security Incident Response Platform (CyberShield SIRP), designed to constitute the core SOC system orchestrating, automating and executing SOC operations, while assuring constant alignment with SOC processes and procedures, and facilitating their continuous optimization. CyberShield SIRP automatically leverages past knowledge and experience in incident response and mitigation, allowing a more informed and knowledgeable processes.

We are an agile company and we learn and adjust quickly to market trends and changes in the cyber security landscape

CYBERBIT’s solution for securing OT networks - SCADA Detection and Response (CyberShield SCADA), monitors the SCADA transmissions, generates security and operational alerts, facilitates forensics investigation, and provides an updated and real-world network map, dedicated to assure operational continuity of the OT networks.

CYBERBIT also assures that security teams and professionals are competent, updated, collaborative and skilled in order to leverage their organizational security technologies and able to provide the quickest and most accurate response to cyber threats. Facilitating this end is the company’s Security Training and Simulation (CyberShield Trainer), providing a stand-alone environment for live, hands-on training, using a variety of threat scenarios over modifiable IT and SCADA networks.
CYBERBIT’s innovation lab is led by a large group of cyber security experts, mathematicians and statisticians, reverse engineers, and “white hat” hackers who dedicate their time to analyzing new threats and attack methods, and to designing next-generation capabilities for the detection of these threats. “We are an agile company and we learn and adjust quickly to market trends and changes in the cyber security landscape,” says Dar.

The company believes that the world will undergo a major change in securing enterprise and SCADA networks. As the landscape of advanced and targeted threats continues to evolve, organizations will look for a central cyber data warehouse, that will allow them to continuously analyze data collected by a well-spread network of sensors, and assist them in implementing advanced analyses methods for detection through behavior and machine learning algorithms. “We aim our products and overall solutions to align with this vision and to supply our customers with long lasting capabilities, to improve their organizational security by better detecting, analyzing and responding to cyber threats,” concludes Dar.


Raanana, Israel

Adi Dar, CEO

Addresses the present challenges in Enterprise Security by detecting and responding to advanced threats in IT and SCADA networks