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Bill Peterson, General Manager
Logistics companies today are aiming to strengthen their collaboration with partners and improve their efficiency. To enhance performance and deliver a better customer experience, they need scalable and flexible IT systems that give more visibility into their supply chain processes. CyberLogitec offers an innovative suite of solutions that empower shipping lines, terminal operators, and logistics service providers to overcome operational challenges and boost revenue.

“We provide flexible, end-to-end solutions that digitalize business processes across the supply chain,” states Bill Peterson, General Manager of CyberLogitec America. “By allowing clients to perform all their business operations within a single system, we facilitate both internal and external collaboration effectively and efficiently.”

CyberLogitec’s OPUS Logistics manages freight forwarding, warehousing, and global connections for freight forwarders, NVOCCs, and 3PL companies. Designed to standardize and integrate operational processes, OPUS Logistics allows freight forwarders and other logistics service providers to easily coordinate workflows across various business functions that include bookings, inventory, shipping, customs filing, accounting, and performance reporting. The company recently released a new SaaS model of OPUS Logistics. The goal of OPUS Logistics SaaS is to provide advanced operational tools through a portal that is easier and more cost-effective for logistics service providers to access and utilize.

“By providing OPUS Logistics in a SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) platform, more freight forwarders, and other logistics service providers will be able to utilize the latest in operational technology more cost-effectively and in a way that is easy to access anytime, from anywhere,” adds Bill Peterson. To optimize and manage terminal operations, CyberLogitec also offers OPUS Terminal, an integrated terminal operation platform that improves yard and container management from the time a vessel arrives at the yard till its departure. For the small to mid-sized terminal operator, CyberLogitec is working on another version of OPUS Terminal that will transform the system into a multi-purpose terminal management system with more simplified workflows and more extensive functionalities.

We solve complex supply chain challenges by cultivating a strong relationship with our customers

For container shipping lines, CyberLogitec has ALLEGRO, a liner management solution designed to optimize resource utilization and cargo yields of carriers. With ALLEGRO, container carriers can integrate their processes across the shipping network onto a single platform for better control and improved operational efficiency. One such carrier, Nile Dutch shipping, is in the process of implementing ALLEGRO to improve their operating processes and standardize their processes to manage an increasingly complex and challenging market. They will also use ALLEGRO to improve customer services, operational efficiency, enhance yield optimization, and drive better decision making.

CyberLogitec continues to innovate by facilitating maritime industry collaboration with CARA, a multi-tenanted and unified platform that enables lines to share vessel schedules and reconcile slot sharing agreements.

CyberLogitec excels in the supply chain space as a game changer because of their ability to innovate and improve visibility, decision-making, communications, and reporting processes while saving time and costs. The company’s engineering team works closely with customers to develop new solutions based on their feedback.

“We have expert professionals with decades of industry experience who work with customers on best practices for process execution and guide them to leverage our technologies for greater ROI,” says Peterson. “The intent is to solve complex industry challenges through a strong relationship with our customers. This differentiates us from other logistics solutions providers in the industry.”


Cerritos, CA

Bill Peterson, General Manager

Provides flexible end-to-end solutions for shipping lines, container terminals, and logistics service providers to optimize their business operations and processes