CyberSix: An Innovative Leap toward Securing Digital Infrastructures

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Richard O. Moore, CEO
2019 proved to be the worst year in history for cyber attacks. Huge volumes of data were compromised as black hats exploited vulnerabilities within our existing technology infrastructure and security tools. According to the reports by Risk Based Security, a global leader in vulnerability intelligence, breach data, and risk ratings, 3800 publicly disclosed breaches have occurred in the first half of 2019, which exposed an incredible 4.1 billion compromised records. Unfortunately, 2020 has also been a busy year for cybercriminals. As much of the country is working remotely, organizations have created several remote access points, which act as vulnerable gateways for bad actors to sneak crucial information. In such situations, businesses not only need to comply with existing cybersecurity regulations but go the extra mile to find reliable partners who can protect their ecosystem. One such company that helps enterprises eliminate the risk of cyberattacks is CyberSix.

As a Veteran-Owned Small Business, CyberSix builds its solutions by leveraging the valuable insights from an expert panel of CISOs with longstanding experience. In the words of Richard O. Moore, the CEO of CyberSix, “Our services are designed by CISOs for CISOs. Unlike our competitors, who rely on conventional technologies to deliver solutions, we introduce an innovative approach to cybersecurity with our cost effective, innovative, and transformational cybersecurity solutions.”

First on CyberSix’s array of solutions is the Virtual Chief Information Security Officer (vCISO). The offering primarily provides executive cyber leadership for organizations that cannot afford a full-time CISO. By choosing a vCISO, clients receive the service of Fortune 500 CISOs at a competitive price along with technical skills, business acumen, innovative thinking, and leadership experience to traverse today’s digital risks.

To help business leaders respond appropriately to emerging cyber threats and mitigate risks, CyberSix provides the Cyber Intelligence- Driven Risk Program (CI-DR).

Our services are designed by CISOs for CISOs

The company incorporates several tools, including compliance assessment, GRC, and risk appetite evaluation tools in this comprehensive risk management portfolio. CyberSix also offers Cyber Training, which is essentially a cyber education service that helps educate and train clients to comply with government regulations and industry standards.

Designed to make organizations safe, CyberSix’s Cyber Protect portfolio renders security operations-as-a-service, which includes penetration testing, threat hunting, and other proactive protection mechanisms. The company provides Cyber Rapid Assessment services to give the right mitigation and action plan, making businesses equipped to tackle cyber incidents. For clients demanding to build and deploy solutions for their larger ecosystem, CyberSix offers Cyber Technology Transfer services, which is a combination of the company’s entire service suite. Designed to operate virtually, the company's offerings have the capability to align well with today's 'work from home' environment and successfully help clients fulfill their cybersecurity needs.

To further elaborate on CyberSix’s value proposition, Moore recalled the company’s collaboration with a client who wanted to create an efficient cybersecurity strategy for securing their digital infrastructure. Upon identifying their needs, CyberSix performed a rapid assessment and figured out the gaps to build a comprehensive strategy for them. CyberSix then implemented their services in the client's ecosystem to help secure their critical infrastructure.
In many instances, CyberSix has worked with clients to deploy solutions for cloud access security broker (CASB), API security, secure coding and development, third party risk management, to name a few. Moving forward, CyberSix is planning to enhance their service capabilities to help clients address issues pertaining to Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC). “We are rolling out plans to expand our service portfolio to serve as a one-stop-shop for cybersecurity needs,” concludes Moore.


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Richard O. Moore, CEO

CyberSix is a pioneer in delivering a comprehensive suite of cybersecurity services to clients. The company leverages the experience of CISOs to build their service suite that caters to both military and commercial applications. CyberSix designs and develops its services based on the most advanced technologies that startups bring to the table. Dedicated to delivering industry-best services to clients that meet their requirements, the company evaluates, tests, and implements their solutions before delivering them to clients. The company’s primary and the most fundamental service is the virtual Chief Information Security Officer (vCISO) that offers executive cyber leadership for organizations struggling to hire a full-time CISO