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James Hsieh, CEO
Usually, small businesses do not take full advantage of digital tools as they lack essential know-how of evolving technology, and they require a lot more help than large organizations. With a vision to assist small enterprises through digital marketing, James Hsieh founded Cybertegic two decades ago. Having worked for industry giant Nestle as their e-business project manager for over five years, James acquired much expertise in digital marketing. “I am a geek by heart, and I love to look at numbers because figures are hidden treasures and they tell you a lot of things that can help improve your business.” states James Hsieh, the CEO of Cybertegic.

The company specializes in advanced digital marketing services and the development of search engine friendly websites that helps the business gain customers online strategically. Cybertegic’s core competency is in Google SEO (search engine optimizations) and has helped many small businesses grew into multimillion dollar businesses through the use of SEO marketing for years. Able to understand and work in support of Google’s algorithm, Cybertegic has been enabling many of its clients to be featured on top ten Google search results. The entire team at Cybertegic is consists of data scientists’ marketers, and SEO programmers. The team considers itself a “geek squad” of Google technology as they constantly strive to re-engineer and help its clients appear on the first page of Google results. “We love to help small businesses as they have a much harder time competing especially during the pandemic time,” asserts Hsieh. To be able to help small businesses gain more customers brings great joys to our team and it’s the motivation that fuels our passion at work. Apart from SEO, the firm specializes in all other aspects of digital marketing, such as Google pay-perclick advertising services, YouTube video marketing, Yelp and social media advertising, among others.

There is an overwhelming amount of information on the web and billions of websites online. Google is working hard going through those websites, trying to understands its information, figuring out what a particular niche a business is good at in order to correctly rank them in terms of their authority in results so that a user can find useful information quickly. As an SEO specialist, Cybertegic acts as an experienced business analyst and takes an in-depth understanding of its clients’ businesses through extensive interviews. The firm uncovers all the strength and the niches of a client’s business and strategically crafts them into search engine friendly content to incorporates into the client’s website. “We create the right message on client’s website and blog to help Google recognize the important expertise of our client. When this is done correctly overtime, our client appears in top 10 of Google!,” adds Hsieh.

In addition, Cybertegic also deploys an expert strategy wherein the company utilizes Google pay-per-click ads strategically in conjunction with SEO marketing to provide greater visibility to a client on the first Google page and even better ROI for the overall marketing campaigns.

It is our sacred duty to ensure that we deliver results when a small firm entrust us with its precious budget

For instance, a major gaming PC company named collaborated with Cybertegic eight years ago who were then unable to appear in even the top 100 of Google results. Cybertegic took over and optimized the website which accentuated client’s business niche and established client’s authority figure in the gaming PC industry compared to other gaming PC companies. Gaming PC was a highly competitive keyword with over 2 billion web pages competing for the top positions. After 18 months of executing their SEO campaign, Cybertegic have gotten its client not only into the top 10 position of Google, but was able to help maintain the top position for the past seven years. The top position resulted in generating tens of millions of dollars of orders for the client every year. “Today our client is holding steady in Top 10 positions of Google and is revered as one of the best gaming pc retailers across the world!” adds Hsieh.

In addition, Cybertegic also deployed a strategically design PPC advertising campaign for CyberPowerPC targeting a wide range of long-tailed keywords that SEO marketing campaign couldn’t cover effectively. The strategically executed SEO and PPC marketing campaign in close harmony resulted in generating higher sales for the client each year. “Today, we are still managing our client PPC campaign in close coordination with their SEO campaign and the campaigns are generating strong return for our client.” said Hsieh.

Cybertegic possesses much expertise in performing SEO for both B2C and B2B customers. During the pandemic, E-commerce businesses were doing well; however, many B2Bbusinesses were forced to be shifted online. In addition to helping E-commerce businesses grow, Cybertegic was also deploying Local SEO marketing to help B2B businesses generate more leads online. As an example, Cybertegic helped a family law attorney tripled their customer leads online using strategically designed local marketing campaign. Forging ahead, Cybertegic will continue to aid small institutions to grow by leveraging the power of AI and Google’s latest marketing tactics. “It is our sacred duty to ensure that we deliver results when a small firm entrusts us with its precious budget and we’ve been greatly rewarded by the smiles we’ve seen on our client’s face when results are delivered!,” concludes Hsieh.


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James Hsieh, CEO

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