CycleOp: Delivering Best-in-class PLM Solutions

Sagi Tikotski, CEO
The integration of cloud, mobile, and analytics in PLM arena is helping enterprises to implement diverse business strategies for managing the entire lifecycle of a product, from its conception through design and manufacture to service and disposal. With the technological advancement, CIOs today often lack expertise to choose the right PLM system according to their company’s workflow structure, size of the company, and operational elements the firm seeks to merge into the PLM system. “CycleOp addresses these market challenges by offering tools that are built from the ground up as generic products,” says Sagi Tikotski, CEO of CycleOp.

With years of experience in deploying PLM systems across the world, CycleOp uses Aras Innovator, an enterprise open source PLM tool, to deliver state-of-the-art PLM application and services, helping organizations manage products from concept to production. “Centered on out-of-the-box (OOTB) PLM concept, CycleOp tools provide our customers with a global one-stop-shop which delivers end-to-end control including supplier collaboration, version control, traceability, change process control, and reporting,” states Sagi.

“We provide a holistic view of the product development process, covering design, engineering, quality assurance, production, and maintenance of customer’s products,” explains Sagi. Aras innovator enables clients to leverage the benefits of all the innovations in the scope of PLM. Customers can easily download and install Aras’s enterprise open source software and modules. “It uses standard Microsoft infrastructure such that its PLM server can be installed on any Microsoft supported platform.”

Additionally, Aras’s web-based PLM system’s entire infrastructure runs on a Service Oriented Architecture, allowing users to make changes to data models with simple XML sentences. “We can provide any customization needed in hours and days rather than weeks and months,” says Sagi. The company implements its PLM products on various platforms including on premise, on a server, or a virtual machine, equipping clients to leverage PLM benefits in spite of its current system architecture.

Apart from the customized PLM platforms, CycleOp’s ready-to-use templates enables rapid PLM implementations coupled with the ability to further extend the system at any point in the future.

CycleOp tools provide our customers with a global one-stop-shop which delivers end-to-end control including supplier collaboration, version control, traceability, change process control, and reporting

Furthermore, the firm augments its PLM deployments with additional features like ‘Import Wizard’ that quickly loads innumerable complex records onto PLM. It also offers a ‘Pack and Go’ tool that ex-ports complete BOMs and related documentation with a click of a button.

The firm helps customers to significantly reduce development time and easily rectify and resolve problems and errors during the procurement process with advanced E-CAD integration tools, intuitive reporting, and GUI features.

In one case, a customer approached CycleOp to connect Aras PLM with their veteran ERP system. The firm utilized its ERP Sync Engine to define the fields that need to be mapped for transferring the relevant data. “We set-up a bi-directional PLM to ERP asynchronous transmission in less than a week, and saved money by not using third party tools,” explains Sagi. CycleOp connected PLM through off-the-shelf components with basic customizations, enabling the client to develop a recursive data exchange mechanism.

Sagi believes in utilizing remote workforce and flexible work-hours methodology that drives more efficiency by saving the time and cost of traveling and communication. As a part of future expansion, CycleOp collaborates with a CAD system company to develop a Light-PLM platform helping fashion and apparel industries to easily manage their designs including files and accessories using a single unified platform. “We plan to reach more customers and partners of PLM to make sure CycleOp tools are the solution of choice worldwide,” concludes Sagi.


Ramat Gan, Israel

Sagi Tikotski, CEO

Delivers tools & services for best-in-class PLM implementations built on the Aras Innovator open source PLM platform