Cylance: Deploying a Mathematical Approach to Defend Cyber Threats

Stuart McClure, CEO
The amount of sensitive business information buried inside the walls of today’s enterprises make them more vulnerable to information security risks and cyber threats. A growth in the number of devices accessing the information is heightening this risk. Cylance, a global provider of cyber security products and services help organizations efficiently address the vulnerability risks and defend their information vaults from security breaches. “We deliver proactive security solutions with expert intelligence systems that can calculate threats mathematically,” says Stuart McClure, CEO, Cylance.

The company’s flagship product, Cylance Protect, offers resourceful solutions to lock down endpoint security issues. Unlike solutions which follow traditional signature methodology, Cylance Protect is designed in a mathematical and logarithmic approach which helps companies detect and proactively stop the intrusion of malicious elements. As protection begins with detection, Cylance Protect makes use of unrivaled detection technique for determining the true nature of advanced threats. The unrivaled detection technique leverages advanced procedures including artificial neural networking, support vector machines, and k-nearest neighbors which prove to be productive on practical grounds. The intuitive management is a robust feature of Cylance Protect which helps companies to build a better workflow in the security domain and achieve maximum efficacy in business processes. Cylance Protect help companies focus on business processes as the product assures full range protection with its most significant feature of automatically updating its security attributes with evolving threat landscape. “Execution is the most important factor which matters in security attacks and Cylance, with its integrated security solutions controls real-time execution, and help companies create and manage an effective enterprise-wide security program,” says McClure.

CylanceV, another solution of Cylance is designed for detecting and reporting almost all types of malware attacks including APTs, 0-day attacks, and obfuscated threats. The Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) technology integration provides enterprises the power of priority based security alert which add context and confirmation concerning malware executions.
With multiple data handling, easy deployment and integration toolkit, and multiple interface flexibility options, CylanceV has helped enterprises stretch their productivity.

Cylance, with its systematic approach, also delivers efficient professional services. These services, with specific domain expertise, provide seamless output in compromise assessment, forensic investigation, and penetration testing. The resourceful compromise assessment and forensic investigation services help enterprises identify previous breaches and inherit insightful data about damages caused due to the breach. “Our solutions proactively minimize risks, manage security operations, and ensure regulatory compliance which in turn improves the operational efficiency and overall productivity of the organizations,” adds McClure.

Achieving true cyber security is not an easy task, but we will do it

Cylance has helped solving complex IT security threats of many enterprises. At one instance Cylance helped an oil and gas provider that was troubled by frequent compromises in their network. The vulnerability was helping attackers to gain control over the company’s database and leak potential information. The company approached Cylance for a full-fledged protection of systems and databases. After an insightful research on the issue the client faced, Cylance came up with a dynamic methodology to protect the company from malware threats. The solution, with its robust security features, removed the need to constantly monitor the activities, which further enabled the organization to focus on business processes rather than emphasizing on security threats and relevant risks.

“Cylance bears an innovative approach which has helped it to stand unique and ahead of the competition in the market,” says McClure. Moving forward, “we are developing new endpoint protection software, powering the ‘new era’ for enterprise threat protection.” Cylance also targets to expand into broader geographical locations with a goal to improvise the technology and make it even impactful.


Irvine, CA

Stuart McClure, CEO

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