Cymatic: All-in-One Platform Blocks Attacks at the Browser

Jason Hollander Co-Founder & CEO
According to Benjamin Franklin, nothing can be said to be certain in this world other than death and taxes. In accordance with modern times, data breaches can be added to this list of inevitable occurrences. Recent attacks against global brand names like Equifax, Yahoo, Dell, Marriott, and British Airways are a testament to the inadequate cybersecurity policies in place. Traditional security approaches and tools do not consider company employees as endpoints—and therefore as a point of vulnerability—but in reality, more than 90 percent of breaches happen at the endpoint and are generally executed over the web.

Today, hackers do not force their way into companies; they gain access through compromised accounts and pilfer sensitive data. Security must therefore start with the end users, as they are a company’s greatest asset and point of vulnerability at the same time. This is where Cymatic lays its cornerstone. The company was founded to simplify the way organizations secure their web applications by concentrating on the common denominator among most data breaches—end users. Cymatic examines security on an individual level and determines cyber health in real time. “We help provide visibility and protection to organizations by understanding user behavior and their cybersecurity hygiene,” explains Jason Hollander, co-founder and CEO of Cymatic.

The Cymatic platform is designed to overcome the limitations of today’s siloed cybersecurity solutions. Keeping in line with the company’s core tenet of simplicity, “Cymatic’s all-in-one platform builds a defensible barrier around a company’s end user, so that any web-based threat can be stopped at the source itself,” says Paul B. Storm, co-founder and president of Cymatic. The platform is deployed via a short JavaScript snippet added to a company’s web applications through an asynchronous socket connection. Similar to how Google Analytics tracks and reports website traffic, the Cymatic platform monitors user behavior and leverages AI and ML to analyze potential risks.
Paul Storm Co-Founder & President
Any enterprise can have a holistic view of their employees’ and users’ cybersecurity hygiene and the impact it has on overall cyber health. This visibility is essential to understand how one risk amplifies another and their direct correlations to a possible breach. In addition, Cymatic provides appropriate transparency and control over the use of a client’s data to promote privacy safeguards.

The Cymatic platform has garnered strong interest in industries like financial services, healthcare, and government agencies, among others. In one instance, Cymatic helped Concierge Health, a healthcare services company, mitigate its security concerns. The client had a wellness application that was used by healthcare administrators to onboard new users and monitor existing ones. And the only security measure in place was a basic username and password setup. After employing the Cymatic platform to manage web security, the client was able to devote its time and resources to enhance the features and functionalities of the wellness application. Further, the client experienced a measurable impact on its overall cyber health.

Since its inception, Cymatic has constantly pushed the envelope in terms of its all-in-one protection platform. With technology evolving at a rapid pace, Cymatic continually aims to remain a step ahead of emerging threats and enhance platform capabilities accordingly. Currently, Cymatic is focused on expanding the company’s operations, particularly in Marketing and Sales. The company also has plans to participate in multiple technology conferences like the Black Hat Briefings, RSA conference, and regional cybersecurity conventions. With a comprehensive solution that delivers real-time visibility to detect user risk and mitigate threats, Cymatic enforces user security hygiene at the browser before it escalates to a full-blown data breach.


Raleigh, NC

Jason Hollander Co-Founder & CEO and Paul Storm Co-Founder & President

Cymatic offers the only all-in-one web security platform that delivers confidence across devices, credentials, and users. It autonomously identifies and verifies a user’s security hygiene and blocks threats at the browser. Delivered through an agentless JavaScript snippet that installs in seconds, organizations that provide web applications rely on Cymatic for real-time visibility into user and visitor behavior to detect risk, mitigate threats, and enforce security hygiene. Cymatic is headquartered in Raleigh, NC with offices in California and New York