CynergisTek: Helping Healthcare Organizations Tackle with Cybersecurity Threats

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Benjamin Denkers, EVP of Operations
CynergisTek : Helping Healthcare Organizations Tackle Cybersecurity Threats The digital revolution has equipped the healthcare sector with new tools and software to store, manage, and access medical data seamlessly and efficiently. However, this has presented several challenges pertaining to information security—an area where the healthcare industry has been slow to respond. In fact, cyber-attacks, health information breaches, and medical identity thefts have almost become an everyday affair for players across this field. The situation has become more complicated during the Covid-19 pandemic that has given rise to the trend of telehealth. As thousands of patients today connect with clinicians by using IoT and mobile devices, it has become essential for healthcare providers to put adequate security and privacy protection measures in place for ensuring the integrity of patient health information (PHI). In such a scenario, healthcare organizations are on a constant lookout for a partner who can help them identify potential exposure, manage security, and address inherent cybersecurity risks.

Enter CynergisTek.

CynergisTek is a top-ranked cybersecurity, privacy, and compliance consulting firm dedicated to serving the healthcare industry. The company makes it simple for today’s busy healthcare executives to carry out a robust cybersecurity and privacy program. “We utilize our assess, build, manage, and validate methodology to address the challenges our clients are facing, especially when the threat landscape has increased and the adversaries aren’t slowing down,” says Benjamin Denkers, the EVP, Strategy and Operations, CynergisTek. More importantly, the company’s team of highly certified consultants, many who have sat in the seat of a CIO, CISO, CCO, or CPO always stays updated with the industry trends.

The team of experts follows a simple and straightforward approach to understand clients’ challenges and objectives. Initially, they begin by analyzing their customers’ requirements and understanding the existing security and the privacy environment. The consultants then develop a roadmap in line with their clients’ compliance and business objectives. “We do that through our security and privacy journey—a tailored approach that depends on the clients’ maturity.” asserts Denkers.

We offer dynamic cybersecurity and privacy solutions to help our healthcare clients build an approach that responds every day

Furthermore, CynergisTek’s experts support their clients to help them understand and validate the technical controls and processes in place. The company provides a large selection of technical testing, assessment services, security program development, and endpoint security services in order to create an offensive strategy against any cyber-attack. For example, CynergisTek had several customers who were struggling to put the right technical control and access control in place despite spending millions of dollars on security products and people. “We identified the gaps or risks for them by conducting security control validation assessment (SCVA) and incident response tabletop exercises. It helped us determine where exactly the security investment and resources were required to minimize the chances of risks,” elucidates Denkers.

Today, CynergisTek’s primary focus is to invest in building an approach that responds to threats and is compliant every day for their clients. Looking ahead, the company wants to enable its clients to be prepared, rehearsed, and validatetheir security and privacy program is working as expected– this is what CynergisTekcalls Resilience Validation™. The company aims to help clients achieve a more holistic view of their security and privacy environment through validation. “Many clients implement cutting-edge tools but never check if the solutions are working according to their expectations. So, they fail to identify gaps and ensure network security. By focusing on people, process, and technology, we help them addresThis challenge and make the healthcare industry safer for both patients as well as providers,” concludes Denkers.


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Benjamin Denkers, EVP of Operations

The company offers specialized services and solutions and focuses on helping healthcare organizations achieve their privacy, security, compliance, and document management goals