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Microsoft solutions help improve business efficiency and productivity but their licensing confounds most customers. Microsoft licensing rules can be complex but the experts at Cynthia Farren Consulting simplify them for customers providing a clear path forward. “Microsoft licensing offers a lot of options which breeds complexity, having an independent licensing advisor can help organizations leverage the options while staying compliant,”says the firm’s President, Cynthia Farren. A Software Asset Management (SAM) firm, Cynthia Farren Consulting assists clients in understanding the rules and negotiating software licensing agreements to avoid unnecessary licensing costs, manage compliance risk and implement appropriate licensing processes and strategies. “We provide our clients with access to licensing experts as a resource to their team so that technical decisions can be made with full licensing clarity,” she adds.

We focus on what is best for our clients in every software negotiation or review, and work with their internal team to ensure the most appropriate deal is made every time

Cynthia Farren Consulting works with organizations on their Microsoft licensing strategy and management. “We focus on what is best for our clients in every software negotiation or review, and work with their internal team to ensure the most appropriate deal is made every time,” states Cynthia. The company is also well versed at protecting its clients in the event of a software licensing audit or SAM Assessments. “We assist clients through performing an advance internal audit and serve as their licensing advocates during the external audit—by having a licensing expert on their side our clients are able to level the playing field and are not dependent upon the auditors interpretation of the rules,” she adds.

Cynthia Farren Consulting’s core values are focused on ensuring that clients save money, manage risk and increase competitive advantage.
Cynthia Farren, President
“In keeping with these values, we strive to provide solutions that fit client’s budget, and include knowledge transfer to their team,” says Cynthia. “We don’t sell software or a discovery tool; instead we work with the existing tools,” she adds. The company does not break the existing environment in order to provide a solution; instead the firm provides client’s the knowledge and expertise free of third party influences. The company leverages its extensive knowledge of negotiation best practices, fulfillment channel operations, publisher practices, volume licensing options and product use rights to ensure that clients are getting the best discounts and benefits.

For instance, a large multi-national corporation had contractually agreed to a future Microsoft funded SAM Assessment. The CIO needed to know definitively what the Assessment would discover to avoid unpleasant surprises for management. The corporation hired Cynthia Farren Consulting in advance of the Assessment to perform an internal audit. The internal audit identified several areas of non-compliance through lack of licensing knowledge. Cynthia Farren Consulting then worked with the organization to help them understand their licensing options, the areas of greatest risk, inaccuracies in the data used in audits, and helped develop an actionable plan to ensure compliance while continuing to meet the business’ needs. As a result, the client avoided more than $1 Million in unnecessary purchases, gained valuable time to make strategic rather than reactionary purchases, and improved processes to avoid future non-compliance.

Moving forward, Cynthia Farren Consulting will continue to enhance its service offering in response to evolving client needs. “We don’t provide cookie cutter solutions, as the use of technology changes we will continue to be flexible in providing relevant solutions to meet our client’s licensing challenges,” concludes Cynthia.

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Cynthia Farren, President

A software asset management services firm that assists clients in negotiating software licensing agreements, ensuring licensing compliance and implementing appropriate licensing processes and strategies