D.C. Solution Factory: AWS Re-Delivered with Design-as-a-Service

Morteza Kiadi, President & Owner
Today, the role of a CIO also constitutes brokering information between a Cloud Service Providers (CSPs) and the organization resulting in significant changes in their operating and governance mechanisms. With organizations continually witnessing a rise in adoption of the public cloud, CIOs need to decide on timeframes and necessary procedures to enable it, resulting in losing direct governance and control. Amazon Web Services (AWS), with its secure and flexible technologies, allows customers to migrate workloads incrementally to the cloud requiring caution and analysis from perspectives such as security, cost, and performance. D.C. Solution Factory (DCSF) from Ontario, Canada delivers a design tool to create a Cloud and Hosting technology solution in a faster, better, and cheaper manner than existing methodologies. The challenges arising from rapid changes in technology with migration to cloud are solved by DCSF, essentially helping organizations to stay current with fluctuation in demands and the dynamic nature of workloads. Essentially, DCSF helps address clients’ business challenges with value added solutions built on AWS.

DCSF offers “Design-as-a-Service (De-aaS)” for AWS System Integrators, customers and solution architects, aiming to deploy a stack of technology components in a complex multi-tier enterprise network or in a Public Cloud Service provider’s infrastructure such as AWS,” states Morteza Kiadi, President and Owner, DCSF. This offering involves a unique and intuitive Graphical User Interface (GUI) based on “Gamification” techniques. Deploying a complex solution in AWS infrastructure becomes a matter of building a solution effectively, efficiently while enabling faster integration. DCSF has enhanced cloud capabilities by inventing and introducing an “assembly line” to the entire SDLC called Solution Assembly line (SAL). With SAL, clients can create their design from scratch by dragging and dropping AWS technology components or reusing pre-fabricated patterns by DCSF as a starting point and then building a solution on top of it followed by provisioning.

DCSF, leveraging SAL, designed a product called the Pattern Factory, a state-of-the-art offering which stores every designer’s experience in a Cloud pattern repository. “With Pattern Factory, clients access not only their own previous designs through abstracted patterns but also artefacts from other solutions, which can be “reused” immediately. SAL internalizes “Cloud Computing Design Patterns” in the form of compound managed objects with results in just one click” remarks Kiadi.
The SAL deployment is cheaper with the least “time-to-market” capability. These products allow its customers to:

• provision their designs in a batch,
• manage version control to revert back their design,
• enable AWS asset management per region or for all regions,
• provide a Project tree view
• manage and maintain scheduling of regular tasks leveraging
SAL’s scheduler module, saving costs and recovering from
disasters using automatic backup
• import existing resources to SAL by managing them through the
capable SAL engine,
• generate Design blueprints in one click, and
• clone environments with a single command
DCFS also has a training platform which enables AWS solution architects to improve their knowledge in AWS technologies. All of this can be procured in a single package.

DCSF offers “Design-as-a-Service (De-aaS)” for AWS System Integrators, Customers and Solution Architects, aiming to deploy a stack of technology components in a complex multi-tier enterprise network

Talking about the future, Kiadi says, “Before, people used to talk just about Infrastructure, Platform and Software. Now, there are more opportunities than ever, in the marketplace to offer “as a service” solutions to organizations. Technology based, design related problems in the organization, become seamless when using De-aaS. DCSF aims to make acceptance of a Cloud and Hosting Technology solution easier with its offerings, adding Disaster Recovery and Migration as a service designated for future offerings seamlessly integrated into its current product enhanced by an Enterprise version to encourage large customers to adopt the hybrid cloud more effectively and efficiently.

D.C. Solution Factory

Ontario, Canada

Morteza Kiadi, President & Owner

Offers design tools to provision cost-effective and efficient Cloud and Hosting technology solutions