d-Wise: Advanced Predictive Analytics Meets Healthcare

John Leveille, CEO
The roots of d-Wise trace back to 2003, when SAS veterans John Leveille, CEO, and Chris Olinger, CTO, set out to leverage their deep domain expertise into a technology and software consultancy. At the outset, d-Wise worked with clients in a multitude of industries to develop solutions to their data and analytics problems. In 2006, the team narrowed their focus to the life sciences and healthcare industries with the core purpose of empowering innovation for a healthier world. “Our healthcare team is made up of world-class professionals with expertise in data and analytics strategy, business intelligence, data warehousing, and advanced analytics,” CEO John Leveille says, “We enable healthcare companies to rapidly improve and grow their clinical and operational capabilities.”

d-Wise has found that the healthcare and life sciences industries are deficient in technologies capable of adapting to new business models. Within both industries exists a silo-ed environment and an underlying challenge to integrate systems with real-time data. “Most companies are in dire need to blend people, process, and technology to meet this challenge,” stated Leveille. d-Wise’s healthcare practice offers data strategy, advanced analytics, and data integration solutions to deal with evolving shared risk models, payer-provider agreements, episode-based payment structures, and the reduction of potentially avoidable complications.

Access to high-quality health-related data is imperative for informed decision making for healthcare organizations. Before this data can be repurposed for secondary use, companies utilize data anonymization techniques to protect the privacy of their patients. Leveille explains, “The problem is, when data is de-identified, users run the risk of obliterating the utility of the data, possibly negating its analytic potential.” This is where d-Wise’s de-identification solution stands out. Blur, an application-based de-identification support tool allows users to anonymize their patient-level data, without destroying it.

In addition to their de-identification support capabilities, d-Wise has also developed a software solution aimed at decreasing the frequency of hospital readmissions. Readmit Reduce, an off-premise managed service, leverages data-driven predictive analytics models to understand the contributing factors causing readmission. This tool helps reduce 30- day readmission rates of emergency room frequent flyers using real data, in lieu of anecdotal evidence or opinions.

We aid healthcare companies, payers, and providers in establishing predictive analytical solutions that allow them to see the key drivers to making their business models run better

d-Wise has been engaged by many of the world’s top healthcare payers and providers to implement successful analytics programs. A major Regional Blue Cross Blue Shield health plan approached d-Wise in search of a strategic consulting partner to help the company develop an overall analytic strategy that would enable the organization to leverage data as an asset, and compete in analytics with local and national players. The VP of Enterprise Analytics for this organization said: “d-Wise took into account the gaps and capabilities specific to our organization and the needs of our market partners, customizing an analytics roadmap that would work best for our organization. Our partnership with d-Wise provides us a unique blend of strategic guidance and subject matter expertise in the realms of data, analytics, and health insurance operations.”

d-Wise, a leading SAS Global Healthcare Consulting Partner, also has over a decade of experience working with SAS administration and processing. A large regional health insurer with four million Commercial, Medicare and Medicaid members sought out d-Wise to modernize their SAS environment. d-Wise enabled the client to modernize into a scalable, agile environment suitable for future growth and retire their legacy platforms, ensuring long-term optimization and cost-effectiveness.

One of North Carolina’s fastest-growing companies, d-Wise is a technology leader with the expertise to empower world-class life science and healthcare organizations to solve their business optimization challenges. Their investment in the industry and desire to transform knowledge into results are what fuel their passion–a passion they apply to everything they do in order to improve their clients’ business results and contribute to a healthier world.


Morrisville, NC

John Leveille, CEO

Provisioning adjustment services, predictive analytics modeling, systems implementation, and integration to healthcare companies