d50 Media: Using Closed-Loop Attribution to Master the Marketing Mix

Jay Haverty, CEO
To succeed in today’s highly competitive environment, companies need factual data and information that outlines potential buyers’ choices and persona to make smart marketing investments. d50 Media, a marketing firm in Chestnut Hill, Massachusetts, focuses on using analytics and data processing to help enterprises target their niche audiences effortlessly. d50 Media starts by using advanced analytics to understand customer behaviors and develops data-driven creative strategies to convert them into prospects for businesses.

d50 Media serves clients by utilizing a cluster of digital and offline resources; their services span analytics, creative services, TV/video, direct mail, search engine marketing and social media strategy. “Our key offering of specialized business analytics aids executives in the optimization of their business and marketing strategies. Our creative and channel teams use those insights to influence and persuade target customers towards certain products, services and brands,” says Jay Haverty, CEO, d50 Media.

d50’s partnership with Google as an authorized agency in the Google Partners program plays a vital role. “This helps us support our clients’ campaigns by providing additional services with the help of Google tools,” asserts Haverty. Having demonstrated mastery of Google’s advertising and analytics platforms, d50 Media has secured access to research, analytics and advance access to new programs being launched by Google. “This is made possible by our developer team, who has understood the functionality of Google tools in depth,” says Haverty.

d50's deep expertise in marketing has delivered successes to multiple clients across various industries. One case involves d50’s engagement with Sokolove Law, a firm that seeks justice for victims of mesothelioma, an aggressive form of cancer. The client faced challenges in the visibility of their website as well as a highly competitive marketplace. Because the term ‘mesothelioma’ was extremely costly in terms of paid search, Sokolove was seeing decreasing effectiveness in their online marketing.
Using insights from data obtained in part from Google tools, d50 combined offline and online techniques to reach the target audience at lower cost than just bidding on keywords. This strategy unearthed more opportunities via offline and social media, resulting in a 37 percent increase in signed clients. The campaign increased inbound traffic, drove Sokolove up in search rankings and opened new channels for lead acquisition.

Our focus is to create a seamless flow of data from first contact all the way through the sale, to ensure full attribution of every marketing touch to each potential sale, and to judge their effectiveness. This allows our clients to know exactly where, when and how much to spend to maximize their returns and Google’s suite of tools are an essential part of our infrastructure

“Our research involves response mechanisms which are capable of targeting relevant audience segments. As a multi-channel marketing firm, we have invested heavily in bridging various mediums to enable better response mechanisms,” asserts Haverty.

Currently, d50 is focusing on marketing attribution to help businesses maximize the effectiveness of their online advertising to drive offline sales. “We would like to expand our domestic client base across the U.S. and at the same time, enhance our ability to provide actionable insights as rapidly as possible,” concludes Haverty.

d50 Media

Chestnut Hill, MA

Jay Haverty, CEO

Full-service marketing agency using closed-loop analytics and attribution modeling to optimize lead generation marketing campaigns.