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Yogesh Agarwal, CEO
A vast quantity of content in the form of physical documents, electronic files, database print streams, or even emails are being produced at a rapid pace in almost every organization. Managing such amount of data is a significant challenge. This creates a need for a system that can ensure a proper control and flow of such information inside and outside of the organization.

Daffodil Software is a 15 year mature, India based global software development company. It has reached new heights in development and implementation of such Document Management Systems and Enterprise Content Management systems and have successfully completed over 50 end-to-end implementations in organizations of varied industries and sizes. Daffodil’s clientele includes some of the large players in Telecom, BFSI, Media and Oil and Gas industries.

The company’s services include implementation, maintenance and upgradation of EMC Documentum’s and Captiva suite of products. “We believe that DMS is a core system for our customers and we guide them to formulate strategy for document and process management,” says Yogesh Agarwal, CEO of Daffodil Software. Daffodil helps companies manage unstructured information like documents, videos, audio files in a centralized repository with secure access, integrate DMS with other enterprise applications like CRM, ERP, and automate existing processes to increase efficiency and turnaround time. Daffodil also helps in digitization of physical documents and migrating huge backlog of documents/ files into the DMS. This helps organizations to establish collaboration, search and convergence through DMS to deliver better business results.

Our developers work exclusively for the client and we ensure optimum output per developer

The company has flexible engagement models that allow the clients to choose as per their development requirements.
Apart from getting entire projects developed, organizations can also hire dedicated offshore or onsite Documentum developers.

Daffodil’s partnership under the EMC2 C3P Consulting Preferred Partner Program reflects its functional and technical capabilities in enterprise content management domain. “Our team of Documentum experts have been instrumental in the success of large MNCs and mature enterprises through their deep knowledge and expertise. We take great pride in our capabilities around Documentum and harness some of the best minds in the industry,” he adds.

In addition, the company provides its own tools and solutions that complements the existing products like bulk documents import or export tool which help in migrating large volume of documents in repository.

Daffodil differentiates itself by its in-house skill development and early adoption of new technologies. “Since past few years, we have seen people moving to Mobile First strategy and there have been a tremendous increase in usability of mobile devices in enterprises. Therefore we find a huge opportunity in developing mobile solutions in the DMS domain,” says Agarwal, when asked about his future plans.

The company finds traction in the telecommunication, oil and gas, and engineering sectors. The case involving a leading engineering company that was facing a need for an efficient DMS is a case in point. In addition, the client was looking for a solution that will enable them to build and sustain a suitably robust and flexible environment consisting of related applications. Taking hold of the situation Daffodil implemented a DMS, keeping in mind the project-centric working pattern of the particular business. As a result of this implementation, the client saw a significant operational efficiency in handling documents throughout the organization and successful reduction in issues related to rework, duplication of resources and dependency on individual knowledge. This also increased the productivity per head.

Moving forward, Daffodil aims to improve its core focus on offerings like EPFM, XCP and expand its global footprint into the Middle East, South East Asia, and the U.S. “We plan to enhance our services and offering in readymade solutions like invoice processing, contract management, and customer on boarding,” concludes Agarwal.

Daffodil Software

Gurgaon, India

Yogesh Agarwal, CEO

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