Dahill Office Technology Corporation: Digitizing Printing and Document Management Technology

Bradley Rollins, President
Gaining insights on a company’s current printing environment, Dahill, aims at helping custom¬ers achieve an optimal printing landscape.

“ Customers are choosing to optimize productivity by equipping paper-intensive workers with powerful desktop printers or multifunctional devices that allow them unfettered access to technology,” says Bradley Rollins, President and CEO, Dahill Office Technology Corporation. Dahill has a revolutionary Total Print Program that includes the device, toner, parts, and a full service or exchange program, all for a low monthly price and no capital outlay.

Along with complex challenges that CIOs face with regards to security, network bandwidth, data management, and process improvement, managing hardware and supporting printers are often costly and time- consuming. “Many companies provide an assessment that includes a cost analysis on consumables. We, however, take a deeper dive looking at a company’s culture, procurement processes, manpower savings and departmental and organizational objectives,” claims Joshua Pike, Regional Vice President of Sales, Central Texas Region.

The Dahill 360 Program offers complete assessment and mapping tools to provide a baseline to measure improvement. “We continually look for ways to improve and proactively manage their fleet, while providing vision into organizational and environmental printing trends,” says Jenny Pederson, Major Account Executive.

Most significantly, the scope and scale of Dahill’s incredible portfolio of 3D Printing technology has made a huge impact on their customers. “The idea can be a new concept or a refinement to one that already exists. With 3D Printing technology, ideas can come to life in hours or days instead of weeks or months,” Rollins explains. “It is hard to even imagine where this technology will take us.It truly is the new frontier.”

With 3D Printing technology, ideas can come to life in hours or days instead of weeks or months

Through fulfilling printing needs, the company enables their customers to focus on their other key initiatives. For instance, Dahill provides many flat rate unlimited volume options to alleviate risk from volume fluctuations and offers automated supply replenishment and easy access to request service. “If a covered printer is ‘unrepairable’, we replace it with a comparable model at no charge and our greatest differentiation is the simplicity and flexibility of our manage print program,” says South Region Director of Managed Services–Molly Marchand.

Dahill recently partnered with a Radiological Association in Austin, a quality imaging services provider, for a managed print contract that included toner and service on their aging printer fleet. While their contract did include consumables and support, the IT group was responding to hundreds of printer related support tickets on old printer models. In addition to an automated process to initiate the placement of printers, Dahill implemented a portal that allowed end users to place service calls through a platform that the IT helpdesk had vision into.

With a passion to take up risks and enjoy competition, Rollins believes in establishing partnerships and positive customer experiences through Dahill’s flexible and cost-efficient products. “We were not looking for programs that played the percentages; we wanted programs that could have a huge impact on our partners to really make a difference. Based on the feedback on our Total Print Program we have accomplished just that,” he concludes.

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Bradley Rollins, President

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