Danube IT Services: Business Process Optimization Expert

Johann Ehm, CEO
Being a crucial part of organizations, SAP advances critical business functions that cover major facets from enterprise performance management to accounting and financials to inventory sales. Nevertheless, most enterprise face issues in setting up an SAP infrastructure to incorporate high performance systems and a heightened level of data security. For this, organizations depend on in-house staff and IT infrastructure to run and manage their SAP systems. However, the rising cost and risks associated with finding well-trained people and upgrading IT infrastructure forces enterprises to outsourceand look for partners to run SAP. Danube IT Services, a Vienna, Austria based company, provides state-of-the-art infrastructure and highly qualified staff as a foundation to implement and administer SAP Basis and other applications. “At Danube IT, we have a consulting team that customizes systems and develops programs to run business processes efficiently,” reveals Johann Ehm, CEO, Danube IT.

The company has SAP business experts with widespread industry-specific knowledge to map and optimize specific processes and oversee the organizational and technical aspects of SAP business know-how. “We have been managing and running SAP in our data center for customers world-wide,” says Ehm. The company understands specific business needs and offers SAP solutions accordingly, based on the evaluation. Danube IT supports daily administrative tasks and routines by monitoring systems, checklists, and workflows. “Projects like release changes or other updates are performed with professional project management and tools. Apart from planning, we analyze the changes, test cases, perform the tests, and do all necessary corrections in SAP,” he adds. Danube IT experts provide support for the use of SAP—from planning and design through implementation to application operations.

The company provides state-of-the-art infrastructure and experts for SAP base components, administration and application operations. Danube IT’s central system monitoring solution, SNAG-View is Nagio-based.
This automates routine tasks in different systems, enhances stability, and ensures quality, efficiency, transparency and availability. SNAG-View enables DanubeIT’s data center team to visualize complex processes, service level agreements or the network environment in a clear way with dashboards and business process views. “We deliver results in a short span of time and reduce project run-time,” claims Ehm.

Our consulting team customizes systems and develops programs to run business processes efficiently

Danube IT heavily invests in improving its private cloud platform called SmartServer and integrates company’s virtual resources into your network. It is a flexible virtualization platform that provides servers, storage space, and network resources. SmartServer is based on latest hardware and system software and supports CISCO and VMware network server and security. “By combining SmartServer with other standardized and professional services, we are able to offer the perfect platform for SAP,” claims Ehm. The company prides itself on its experience and the skills of excellent certified experts that lead to flexible, trustworthy, and cost-efficient solutions. For instance, Danube IT helped a Warsaw based company in SAP implementation last year. This project replaced a less functional and integrated ERP-system with SAP. Danube IT offers services that help companies to concentrate on major projects with their key resources.

Danube IT’s strategy is based on the combination of Data Center, Managed Services and Consulting. The company is looking for international partnerships with service providers and SAP consulting companies. “We will continue to keep our focus on local support and are planning to install a private cloud platform in Southern and Eastern Germany,” concludes Ehm.

Danube IT Services

Vienna, Austria

Johann Ehm, CEO

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