DAQRI: Transforming Enterprises with Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality (AR), overlaying digital content and 3D images in the real world, was once presumed as science-fiction fashioned in Hollywood movies. Today, the technology is gaining a lot of traction thanks to demonstrated improvements to numerous business use cases. Los Angeles-based DAQRI is a leader in the AR space, building both hardware and software designed for real world industrial environments. DAQRI helps workforces manage high-value assets and complex tasks more effectively by extending data from existing enterprise software systems and delivering it to workers where they need it, in the field, on the job site, or on the factory floor. The result is enhanced operational effectiveness and improved efficiency for the enterprise.

DAQRI recently partnered with IBM to develop a solution that extends the value of IBM Maximo, an asset management and maintenance solution. With a connector from DAQRI, enterprises can display data from IBM Maximo in augmented reality. Together with IBM Watson, this integration facilitates a free flow of asset data within the facility. For example, a worker wearing DAQRI Smart Glasses can walk up to piece of equipment and instantly view real time operational data from IBM Maximo in the context of the equipment itself. Armed with the latest information, the worker is able to make informed decisions to maximize safety, productivity and efficiency of the equipment. Field service technicians can visualize complex tasks virtually and use IoT data to fully understand the machines on the plant, leverage device-specific features, and diagnose fixes—if required—in real-time. These capabilities aid companies to increase safety, reduce errors, and meet compliance mandates.

Our AR technology is tailored to help companies design, build, and operate industrial facilities

DAQRI’s AR platform can be seamlessly integrated into traditional industrial environments such as manufacturing, field services— encompassing tasks such as inspection, maintenance and repair, retrofitting— medical, aerospace, engineering, and construction. “Our AR technology is tailored to help companies design, build, and operate industrial facilities and equipment,” says Chris Kaufield, DAQRI’s EVP Worldwide Sales and Marketing.

DAQRI collaborates with enterprise partners, such as IBM, Autodesk, and Trimble, to enable organizations to unlock digital data and present it in augmented reality. In addition, DAQRI has partnered with Dell to devise new ways for building AR experiences in the office, in the field, and on the shop floor.

With proven use cases in various domains, DAQRI delivers professional-grade AR to help workforces manage assets and tasks more effectively. AR is not science fiction, with DAQRI, enterprises can work AR to work today.


Los Angeles, CA

Roy Ashok, CEO and Chris Kaufield, EVP, Worldwide Sales and Marketing

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