Data ConnecXion: Building a Data-Driven Organizational Culture

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Mery Ramirez, Co-founder & COO
More often than not, employees across organizations are not well-equipped to handle data efficiently or lack the right approach required to employ data. In many scenarios, they cannot appropriately use the data processing and management tools. In the best interest of the companies in the present era, organizations need to employ the means to bring in a shift in the mindset and efforts of their employees to orchestrate the change associated with the new processes and strategies and build a data-driven organizational culture.

Data ConnecXion, a Texas-based company, facilitates this shift and assists clients in creating a data culture within their organizations. The company offers a wide range of services, including data governance, data science, and robotic process automation (RPA) that empower clients to improve their data quality and further enable them to identify data issues before they trickle down the organization. “We aim to drive data culture within organizations, helping them enhance their data management practices and focus better on the strategies and implementation of data-driven processes to cope with the market changes,” mentions Mery Ramirez, co-founder, and COO of Data ConnecXion.

The company offers Robotic Process Automation solutions with a user-friendly interface and capabilities to combine multiple data sources and processes in a simple and streamlined manner. These solutions assist in automating repetitive and manual tasks like data entry and data cleaning, thereby reducing the total time consumed, which helps improve productivity, ROI, and overall efficiency.

These solutions, coupled with the company’s extensive experience in the industry, have allowed it to assist a vast client base over the years. One specific client reaped significant benefits from their association with Data ConnecXion. The company simplified its complex invoice processing, including manual verifications of the information from the incoming invoices. To solve this problem, the company deployed an RPA bot that mimics the manual validation steps and seamlessly processes all the incoming invoices and routes them based on the errors found.

This capability increased the number of invoices processed and reduced the invoicing errors. Additionally, it enabled the accounts payable personnel to save adequate time and focus on crucial tasks like audit analysis, reporting, and so on. Infact, Data ConnecXion’s RPA helped the client reduce the workforce dedicated for invoice validation and allocate them for other important tasks, which improved overall productivity and efficiency.

We aim to drive data culture within organizations, helping them enhance their data management practices and focus better on the strategies and implementation of datadriven processes to cope with the market changes

Data ConnecXion’s services predominantly focus on improving customer satisfaction by enabling them to automate processes. Additionally, the company educates clients on the latest technology trends such as RPA, data governance, and cloud migration to assist them in realizing the benefits they can render to every tier of their organizations, strengthen the business, and improve their ROI, and bottom line.

The firm’s global and diverse team with talent from multiple industries and geographies sets them apart in the market. Having achieved immense success, Data ConnecXion is growing partnerships with diverse industry leaders offering AWS, UiPath, and Databricks. Besides, the organization is keen on increasing the headcount onshore and abroad, further diversifying the team to better serve its customers and provide more flexibly around different time zones. The company is also looking forward to expanding its portfolio to include recruitment and staff augmentation services to meet the growing client needs in this space. With such a holistic suite of services, Data ConnecXion is all set to drive the perfect data culture within organizations, enabling them to unleash the power of data.

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Mery Ramirez, Co-founder & COO

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