DataForm Software, Inc.: Incrementing Revenue and Operational Efficiencies

Antonio Biancardi, COO
DataForm Software provides world-class software solutions to support R&D in the life sciences industry and measurably reduces administrative costs, improves resource utilization, and expedites development timelines. “Our passion for giving businesses a competitive advantage with our software is at the heart of our success,” connotes Antonio Biancardi, COO, DataForm Software.

With most companies relying on the cascading approach and the usage of spreadsheets for financial planning, DataForm provides more accurate, streamlined, and less time-consuming solutions at a competitive price point through an innovative suite of products.

Relay, the company’s financial planning and budgeting offering, is a cutting-edge tool that provides employees with the ability to enter in their forecasts with minimal effort. “ It is the glue that ties the key systems of an organization together and fills the gaps,” Biancardi extols, “allowing customers to bring actual cost data into their ERP system for direct comparison of budget to actuals. It is an ongoing budgeting process, allowing you to slice and dice your portfolio costs in many ways in just seconds, making all of the leg work easy thereby enabling the finance team to focus on strategy and help improve the financial performance.” Relay streamlines a process that took over a month before down to a week to complete. It has also proven to be very accurate, taking the traditional methods that had an accuracy of about +- 15 percent down to 1 percent.

DataForm has also developed a slew of products that take integration to the next level with Planet Analytics, a BI Html5 dashboard tool that integrates multiple systems into a single interface, and Team Management, a true source of who is working on what in an organization, keeping a full audit trail of member on-boards and off-boards. “Planet Grid is our manpower forecasting application, to make sure you have enough manpower to execute your plan,” says Biancardi. Moreover, the Planet Framework, built to be highly configurable and connectable, integrates an organization’s strategic plan with their financial and operational plans.

Relay streamlines a process that took over a month before down to a week to complete

Over the years DataForm has worked with public and private entities to implement their framework enabling clients to achieve product efficiencies. Biancardi elaborates on a case study which involves working with a top 15 global brand pharma company. “We spent a lot of time analyzing pain points and developing functionality with a goal of keeping this performance-driven organization focused on making strategic decisions and reducing the overhead that comes with compiling reports and sharing information across functions and teams,” explains Biancardi. “We tend to engage with customers when they reach the point of critical mass where there are too many moving parts to manage using spreadsheets and stand-alone tools.” The Planet framework is based on the firm’s early realization that organizations need tools that can bend and twist around business processes and structures that are constantly in f lux.

DataForm’s biggest selling point is the ease of use and flexibility of their products, all of which are desktop-based and linked to the cloud, as well as available as SaaS, with a UI that resembles the most basic PC apps. “Usability is the cornerstone of our whole strategy,” affirms Biancardi.

With a partnership with Microsoft and many others, DataForm’s future leaves the focus on building easy-to-use, innovative tools that give customers a competitive advantage in the marketplace. “We plan to continue building easy to use, innovative products that reduce or eliminate frustrating and redundant tasks so more time and energy can be spent focusing on mission critical activities,” concludes Biancardi.

DataForm Software, Inc

Fairfield, NJ

Antonio Biancardi, COO

Provides R&D program management solutions which fully integrate team and project management, financial planning, and analysis and reporting to bring pharmaceutical products to market faster

DataForm Software, Inc