Data Intelligence Technologies: Advanced Visualization to ‘Find the User’

James Kraemer, CEO
"We believe in providing highly effective data visualization technology and statistical models that allow our customers from the Intelligence Community to visualize data and take preemptive steps to combat terrorists and cybercriminals,” begins James Kraemer, CEO, Data Intelligence Technologies. With expertise in software engineering, cybersecurity, computer forensics, and data science, Data Intelligence Technologies provides innovative data visualization solutions that ingest raw data to deliver predictive analytics capabilities, enabling the federal agencies to track and neutralize threats in a timely manner.

“For Data Intelligence, data visualization is a key tool that allows data scientists and big data experts to develop deep insights into user generated data across social networks and analyze behavioral dynamics to locate the threats,” says Kraemer. The data gleaned from the social media, network, cyber and geospatial data are aggregated, correlated and enriched through techniques such as search and discovery as well as knowledge graph analytics. The company employs machine learning techniques and algorithms such as k-means to determine the number of clusters, which helps in creating data visualization and clustering. “The visualizations build a dossier of predicted attributes based on similar entity attributes within the data. These techniques highlight the ‘entities’ that cause risk,” says Kraemer.

Data Intelligence’s “Knowledge Graph Visualization” technology, which is based on a variety of standard tag clouds found on blogs and news sites, allows analysts to build their own social and interest-based networks through tagging, mentions, timelines, and broadcast streams. Data Intelligence term clouds are dynamically generated from an entity repository that stores data units based on user queries, while search queries allow the user to filter terms in the cloud by any criteria. Term clouds are created by visualizing high-frequency terms that give data experts a tool to better understand their data repository. These are composed of four different fields including broadcasts, hash-tags, symbols, and values with the results displayed in either a 3D or an interactive screen.

The visualizations build a dossier of predicted attributes based on similar entity attributes within the data. These techniques highlight the ‘entities’ that cause risk

As the firm emphasizes on enabling collaboration around data and relationships, their solutions such as data icicle and sunburst visualizations are tailored to engage the Intelligence Community to explore data relationships and gain valuable insights. Data Intelligence’s solutions are not just limited to data visualizations; the company works with different data models to develop different ontologies and taxonomies depending on client requirements. Additionally, Data Intelligence offers its consulting services through which they bring their team of software engineering experts to client’s site to solve complex data challenges.

Over the years, Data Intelligence has built a stellar reputation within the government community and private sector, including the Department of Defense, by delivering innovative data visualization solutions to tackle security challenges. In one instance, Data Intelligence used its data visualization prowess to identify a data spill on the social media for a private firm. Leveraging deep analytical understanding, they correlated network traffic and HR data to locate the insider threat and vulnerabilities.

Driven by the idea of continuous improvement, Data Intelligence envisions an impressive roadmap-Improving its products and services in the realm of cyber and behavioral analytics. It also focuses on building cloud-based data lakes and machine learning capabilities as well as leveraging latest technologies to build stronger solutions. “As data continues to grow relentlessly, we aim to find new ways for data analytics and visualization,” concludes Kraemer.

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James Kraemer, CEO

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