Data Networks: Simplified Enterprise IT Network Solutions

Patrick Regan, President & CEO
With the rapidly evolving technology advancement, companies often face an array of network issues that degrade infrastructure performance and reliability, declining IT efficiency. Juniper Network’s high-performing, scalable, and smart network security solutions resolve these network problems for driving productivity within an enterprise. Data Networks, partnered with Juniper Network, provides effective technology-based solutions and develops smarter and flexible networks for driving productivity within the new technology world.

Data Networks offers solutions for end user computing, data center optimizing, and infrastructure and security and ad¬dresses or simplifies the network complications occurring with¬in the organization. Based in Hunt Valley, Maryland, the firm partners with several leading hardware and software manufacturers, and provides product depth and choice, professional services liaison for consulting and technical training opportunities. “We maintain a high partnership level, which qualifies us to hold extensive technical and sales certifications toward deliv¬ering a vast range of design, im¬plementation, optimization, and support services,” says Patrick Regan, President and CEO, Data Networks. Data Networks special¬izes in advanced security and enterprise routing has been highly recognized as a technical expert and advocate of Juniper Network solutions.

“In collaboration with Juniper, we provide, infrastructure and security solutions to improve network performance, integrate new technology, reduce cost redesign, and increase technical staff efficiency within an organization,” says Regan. Security, being the most important part of a network, Data Networks’s infrastructure and security solution is built to provide an active and multi-layered defense for minimizing the ever-rising level of risks and attacks within a network.

The solutions Data Networks provide combine technologies with innovative design concepts for providing modernized and simplified network solutions for data center, WAN, LAN, and wireless LAN.
Additionally, the infrastructure and security solutions protect their customers from hackers and malicious users, for a safe, reliable delivery of mission-critical access, data, and application. These solutions help enterprises to access, apply, and integrate technology for building a consolidated network, improve service delivery, reduce management and operational cost. “We protect and secure our customer’s apps and data assets from hackers and malicious users,” says Regan.

We at Data Networks follow the mission of simplifying enterprise IT

Data Networks provides effective, cost-saving solutions to organizations in public-sector, healthcare, education, and commercial markets. The firm offers proven methodologies to simplify and proactively maintain their customer’s networks and projects. In one such instance, a public school system required a significant improvement in their education system, a complete replacement of LAN, satisfying their students’ requirements for a statewide curriculum. To overcome this problem, the customer adopted Data Networks for rapidly implementing a cost-effective network transformation at its headquarters, and high schools. Understanding the requirements for upgrading the client’s traditional networks, Data Networks replaced their equipments and existing network connections with new Juniper LAN equipment and Juniper Ethernet switches. As a result, the client could immediately increase their end user productivity, and implemented an effective network for delivering 21st century learning experience for students and staff.

Recently, Data Networks developed a fully-outfitted lab facility designed for developing solutions, technical training, and customer’s demonstrations for providing a much better and simplified enterprise IT. “We at Data Networks follow the mission of simplifying enterprise IT. We resonate with our customers in both public sector and commercial organizations and help the IT landscape from growing more complicated,” concludes Regan.

Data Networks

Hunt Valley, Maryland

Patrick Regan, President & CEO

Working Juniper Networks’ enables Data Networks to provide a secure and dependable platform to their customer