DataPath Inc.: Mitigating Cyber Security Risks Using Comprehensive Solutions

David Myers, President & CEO
What challenges do CIOs face in the current cyber security landscape, and how can DataPath effectively address those challenges?
The biggest challenge of cyber-security planning for CIOs revolves around quantifying the threat and figuring out how to best protect their organization. A security threat doesn’t have to be a case of industrial espionage to wreak serious havoc: a small-scale breach from a virus or malware can seriously impugn an organization’s productivity, customer privacy, brand reputation, and shareholder value.

Even for IT savvy organizations putting actionable plans in place usually requires the advice of a company specializing in cyber-security. A comprehensive cyber-security strategy is about more than technology alone, it includes assessing vulnerabilities, building ongoing mitigation solutions, defining incident response processes, training the staff, and planning both internal and external communications.

What is the unique value that DataPath offers in its cyber security solutions offerings?
Organizations that are evaluating cyber services should realize that not all cyber-security solutions are created equal, and not all network environments have the same vulnerabilities or security requirements. DataPath specializes in cyber-security solutions designed to meet the unique needs of mission critical telecommunications networks—especially those that employ satellite and fixed wireless technologies.

To help our clients find the right solution, we simplified the process by offering easy to understand packages that can be tailored to each customer. Our “Essential” package includes the basic elements of a solid security assessment and network protection plan. Our “Assurance” package includes additional hardware and software upgrades and periodic security audits. And our “Vigilance” package adds a number of features including, online real-time security alerts, 24x7 on-site incident response, and post incident investigation services.

Can you share an example of a case study that demonstrates how your cyber security solutions helped your client solve a business challenge and achieve the desired result?
We recently conducted a complex incident response project for a major aerospace company that manufactures highly sophisticated flight simulators. The company’s product had become infected with a firmware level virus that was substantially impacting the performance of the projection system. The virus caused some simulators to provide poor quality or false images to the pilots. In some cases the distortion was so significant that it rendered the simulators inoperative.

After being contacted by the client, we dispatched our 24x7 Cyber Incident Response team. They diagnosed the situation, developed the mitigation program, upgraded the system to prevent future breaches, and returned the simulators to service all within a matter of days. In total our incident response team visited 30 simulators located around the country.

This kind of cyber-security incident response requires very specific skills and expertise, but it is something that our team deals with every day.

What are some of the upcoming innovations that we can expect from DataPath?
In addition to our new cyber security solutions offerings, we have some exciting new innovations coming soon, including:

• Man Portable Satellite Terminal. The first new product that will debut in the fall of 2015 is the Quick Case Technology 90 centimeter (QCT90) man portable satellite communications terminal. This product is designed for both commercial and government operations and allows the user to connect a back-pack sized terminal to a high-bandwidth satellite network in minutes.

• MaxView® Network Management & Control (NMC). DataPath’s MaxView has been a leader in NMC software for over 20 years, managing thousands of terminals worldwide. We are currently developing a next generation platform with substantially enhanced network visualization capabilities, expanded analytics and reporting tools, a new web-optimized user interface, and ability to operate in both thin and thick client environments. Our next generation MaxView will be available in Fall of 2015.

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David Myers, President & CEO

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