Data Strategy: On-Demand Solutions in a Cloud-based Environment: Leveraging the Value of the Cloud

Brandon Sanders, Director of Strategy & Technology
The introduction of cloud technologies and SaaS application suites are causing a transformational shift in IT, moving from a utility-provider model to an on-demand service-provider. On-demand services are essential for IT to contribute and even drive strategic goals of the business in an agile manner. “By giving IT modern service-oriented technologies and automation tools, organizations can deliver quick, nimble, pay-as-you-go models and improve time-to-market,” says Brandon Sanders, Director of Strategy and Technology, Data Strategy.

Founded in 2004, Data Strategy helps organizations align technology with their business objectives. A consultant guide internal transformation that enables new levels of agility and efficiency. “The outcomes have enabled businesses to explore ideas quickly and help them to stay relevant in the marketplace in a cost-effective way,” adds Sanders. As a key attribute of the cloud, on-demand services combine a service catalog, metering and orchestration tools to provide users easy access to a set of standardized options. These public cloud options create a new dynamic for the non-technical parts of the business. Internal customers can now quickly compare the cost-benefit of accomplishing a task through an external cloud provider or with the IT Department. In working with global enterprises, VMware has found distinct patterns within IT organizations and their initiatives to embrace cloud computing.VMware has used this insight to establish a Cloud Capability Model, helping IT to identify opportunities for growth and evolution of technologies.

“We’re helping our clients gain visibility into what cloud technologies can make possible for their organizations,” says Sanders. “This is where the VMware ecosystem really shines because they’ve done well in foreseeing these needs and bringing options to market that support customers in solving these new challenges,” he adds.

By giving IT modern service-oriented technologies and automation tools, organizations can deliver quick, nimble, pay-as-you-go models and improve time-to-market

VMware has done well in taking traditionally complex technologies that provide integration across technology layers and making them more accessible and easier to implement and use for the cloud era.

By engaging Data Strategy, organizations can quickly develop a cloud strategy that identifies and measures operational areas that would benefit. For instance, Data Strategy supported a Midwest State government in modernizing its technology approachand implementing an all-flash data center under an economic model comparable with traditional storage arrays. This supported a strategy to leverage data across all State agencies, everything from transportation to help in human services, improving service delivery and constituent satisfaction. “We helped them implement and migrate a data footprint to improve the level of service provided to agencies and citizens while and reducing energy expenditures,” explains Sanders.

Data Strategy has built its team to economically deliver applications and services in the cloud era. From enterprise to public sector, Data Strategy is serving clients in financial services, healthcare, manufacturing, education, real estate, retail and government. “We are trying to implement technology that gives our clients exposure to what their peers are doing and support that insight with the ability to execute and accomplish their goals,” concludes Sanders.

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Brandon Sanders, Director of Strategy & Technology

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