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Syed Razzaque, CEO, Data Vector Solutions
For businesses that rely on the Oracle database, Oracle Enterprise Manager (OEM) promises a feasible way forward for the monitoring and management of the entire Oracle IT infrastructure. However, instances are aplenty where organizations struggle to fully comprehend their ever-evolving database workload and critical business transactions. That’s why they fail to get the bigger picture for, say, solving application performance issues on time. But what are the factors that lead to such quandaries?

“OEM has been specifically designed for the people with technical acumen. So, for understanding the root cause of an issue, managers need to rely on database administrators (DBAs). The situation becomes more challenging for large enterprises with multiple OEM environments and DBA teams. They fail to consolidate the huge amount of data to make proactive business decisions,” answers Syed Razzaque, CEO, Data Vector Solutions. “We are driven by the mission to help businesses address all these challenges and optimize their oracle database performance.”

Established in 2016, Data Vector Solutions is widely recognized as a leading data analytics product developer for the Oracle Database platform running on-premise or in the cloud. The company enables clients to gain deep infrastructure insights for cost optimization and ROI improvement. “We take all the OEM data and present it through a comprehensive dashboard so that every stakeholder, including developers, DBAs, and managers can seamlessly understand the performance of their database environment. We enable enterprises to be more proactive than reactive to their databases challenges.”Razzaque mentions.

At its core, Data Vector Solutions offers DRCAT and FireFly for Oracle. DRCAT has been specifically designed to complement the OEM Cloud Control. It collects OEM Cloud Control data and runs analytics on it to diagnose performance issues. DRCAT offers actionable insights on database performance metrics as well as workload changes to help improve database infrastructure efficiency and reduce capital expenditure (CAPEX) and operational expenditure (OPEX).This leads to an increase in their ROI. What's more, with its predictive model, DRCAT enables organizations to migrate to cloud with confidence, being fully aware of their current as well as future infrastructure requirements. As a result, clients can save valuable time, money, and manpower.

We take all the OEM data and present it through a comprehensive dashboard so that every stakeholder, including developers, DBAs, and managers can seamlessly understand the performance of their database environment

On the other hand, Firefly for Oracle has been specifically designed for SMBs that lack the budget of maintaining large OEM environments. The tool gathers, stores, and analyzes the automatic workload repository (AWR) and active session history (ASH) data from on-premises or cloud databases to provide deep performance insights for servers and databases. “FireFly for Oracle sports the same features as DRCAT but it doesn’t require an OEM to perform. DBAs & Developers spend more time analyzing data and less time collecting the data.” adds Razzaque. “The solution helps organizations become practical, have better control on operations, and enhance competence. It also eliminates the siloes that exist between DBAs and application developers and enables them to collaborate and maintain applications together.”

Data Vector Solutions has gleaned numerous success stories that reflect the positive impact it has on businesses. For instance, the company partnered with a renowned retail store to help them publish the performance metrics for their critical databases on their enterprise dashboard. The next step involved giving authorized personnel role-based access to the dashboard, enabling them to drill down to the SQL to monitor how their performance data was working. As a result, DRCAT enabled the company’s DBAs to become more proactive in their approach.

With such intriguing accounts of success stories up its sleeves, Data Vector Solutions is continually evolving to become the best in the market, both in terms of products and efficiency. The company is planning on extending its footprint on Google Cloud Platform and Azure in the upcoming years. Additionally, Data Vector Solutions is all set to launch a lightweight and easily connectable version of the AWR and ASH analytics tool for desktops by the end of the year. “Our users will be able to deploy the tools on their desktop, connect their databases, and get valuable performance insights in no tim

Data Vector Solutions

Pleasanton, CA

Syed Razzaque, CEO, Data Vector Solutions

Data Vector Solutions was established in 2016 in the Tri-Valley city of East Bay, California. The company has developed a data analytics product for the Oracle Database platform running On-Premise or in CLOUD to provide organizations with deep infrastructure insights for cost optimization and improve their ROI. It also offers high-end cutting-edge solutions around Big-Data and Machine Learning that help their customers make the best use of their business data, both structured and unstructured, and achieve the highest degree of success and exponential growth.

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