Data Visualization Intelligence: The Vantage Point for Data Management

Brian Beard, President
Data Visualization Intelligence (DVI) is bringing modern big data and machine learning solutions to address the inconsistent and inaccurate data existing in the travel industry. “We accumulate data from multiple sources, standardize, and map it into a common format to make it more accurate and insightful, by delivering data in an intuitive infographic format,” says Brian Beard, President of DVI. With standardized and quality-enhanced data, corporates can better understand and manage their travel expenses.

Historically, the travel industry had been lagging behind in terms of adopting and implementing neoteric technology features. With an array of diversified systems existing in the travel supply chain, there is a lack of a normalized data standard which makes access to accurate data, a moving target. Addressing the complexities associated with travel data and help clients improve their data assets, DVI provides the ‘DVI Vantage Point’ product. Enabled with machine learning and Master Data Management (MDM) capabilities, DVI Vantage Point explores data from the distribution channels and client’s internal systems to improve its quality. “Through machine learning algorithms, we match, reconcile, and compare the data from various sources for a specific transaction and record the most accurate and up to date information into the database. This avoids data duplication and the resultant confusion due to inconsistent data,” says Steve Harter, CTO. For example, DVI Vantage Point tracks data from expense management systems, travel agencies, and credit card companies, and uses smart algorithms to reconcile the travel data and display it as a single source of truth, in a consistent format, leaving no room for inaccuracy. What is more, DVI’s algorithmic models get smarter automatically by learning from the data coming from multiple sources, leading to more clean and accurate record of travel data.

To augment the value of their analytics, DVI integrates best-of-breed data visualization tools, rather than developing graphical engines internally. Unlike the traditional reports, the company’s visualization-driven insights provide travel-related information in an intuitive and interactive manner, helping the decision makers to act quickly.
Steve Harter, CTO
By licensing advanced graphical engines and allowing clients to use them, DVI paves the way for companies to leverage robust yet cost-effective data management solutions. With such capabilities, the company has been able to successfully re-invent data management in the travel industry. Harter recalls an instance where one of their clients was spending excessively on ground transportation. DVI used its Vantage Point to evaluate and compare the average cost of traveling to the top 15 frequently visited locations. After a thorough and detailed analysis of all travel mediums, DVI suggested the client to use ride shares such as Uber and Lyft instead of Taxi services. In the succeeding business year, the client reported a $200,000 decline in their ground transportation expenditure.

Through machine learning algorithms, we match, reconcile, and compare the data from various sources for a specific transaction and record the most accurate and up to date information into the database

With an aim to establish itself in the global market, DVI is striving to work with multiple languages and currencies to support a wider customer base. The company is undertaking various R&D projects in an approach to onboard the latest interactive and easy-to-use interfaces like holographic and glitz digital assistants to better the client experience. DVI is also poised to introduce new versions of DVI Vantage Point to manage the exponential influx of data even as they plan to venture into other verticals like indirect materials, insurance, telecom, automotive, and healthcare.

Data Visualization Intelligence

Virginia Beach, VA

Brian Beard, President and Steve Harter, CTO

Data Visualization Intelligence (DVI), a SaaS-based technology company that delivers leading-edge visualization products through advanced data science and machine learning. The company serves multiple industries, including travel, dedicated to collect, monitor the quality, and manage the travel spend data. It creates impactful visualizations of how corporate travel programs are performing. In collaboration with Traxo, DVI also provides valuable insights into a company’s off-channel spend as well. The company follows an agile approach by listening to the customers and continually enhancing their products with new features to meet the market demands

Data Visualization Intelligence