Data3Sixty: Connecting People with the Data they Need

Jeff Shortis, CEO
Data3Sixty Data Governance suite delivers key capabilities to define the business meaning and context of an organization’s critical data. Users can also track the data lifecycle and assign key stakeholders to the various domains of data reducing the risk and ambiguity with the data they use on a day to day basis. “Organizations have started to recognize the need for improved data management as key competitive advantage to delivering business excellence,” begins Jeff Shortis, CEO, Data3Sixty. “Historically, companies were spending a considerable amount of time either looking for or assessing the quality of their data. In some cases, making business decisions without having a full comprehension of the data, its source, quality or impacts.” Data3sixty empowers the knowledge worker, by providing transparency into the business definition and meaning of the data, while leveraging a dedicated collaboration platform where resources can search, raise issues or effortlessly share knowledge, through Data3Sixty’s user-friendly cloud based platform. “Simply stated, Data3Sixty connects people to data which unleashes radical efficiencies within our client’s organizations,” continues Shortis.

“The firms we work closely with rely heavily on data when making important business decisions,” adds Shortis, “So having the ability to search, collaborate, and understand data from a business context is a critical component to business success.” Leveraging Data3Sixty’s flagship business glossary, users are presented with a business-friendly gateway into the organization’s data, where they can review, define and search for the data that’s core to their business functions.

Data3Sixty empowers organizations to effectively, efficiently, transparently, and optimally increase the intellect of their data

The platform provides key metrics and visualizations to track the high-level data quality of the data, the underlying systems or reports and processes that consume the data. Aligned with this capability is a ‘data-lineage’ function that abstracts away much of the technical complexity and presents a traceability view that the business can view and easily understand. Shortis states that “Our business first approach, places the tools and governance in the hands of the business user, empowering them to assume ownership and manage the data assets in a manner that provides optimal value and reduced risk for the organization.”

Leveraging a cloud based model and delivered templates, Data3Sixty can be easily deployed on Day 1, and can significantly reduce the time a data governance program needs to deliver results. “Our goal is to continue to automate as much of the governance effort as possible while ensuring that our users have the most current, comprehensive and trusted data available to them when making important decisions.” concludes Shortis.


Burlington, MA

Jeff Shortis, CEO

Data Governance and Collaboration suite combining the communication power of social networking with strong inventory, metadata management, event monitoring, data lineage and impact analysis capabilities.