DataArt: Strategic Advice & Technology Solution Design for Travel and Hospitality Sector

Gregory Abbott, Managing Partner & Senior Vice-President
Today, travel and hospitality industry is reinventing itself to deliver a personalized “flawless” experience to improve customer satisfaction. While fulfilling their demands, hoteliers come across many challenges with regards to data security and privacy. “To help organizations deliver rich guest experience, we provide end-to-end solutions, from concept and strategy to design, implementation, and managed support,” says Gregory Abbott, Managing Partner and Senior Vice-President at DataArt. “Our team, equipped with the latest knowledge and industrial-grade research, facilitates the steps to help companies scale up in terms of security, privacy and overall improved guest experience.”

DataArt offers strategic advice and provides specific technology approaches that compress both time and complexity of delivering the right solution, translating to value for travel companies and, in the end, the traveler. “Our solutions and collaborative engagement models help solve the most burning issues for the hospitality sector, affirming our role as a true technology partner for the most discerning global brands,” adds Abbott. DataArt helps companies by integrating internal or external systems that power their business—reservations, sales systems, revenue management system, property management system, and even more systems for distribution companies, or large resorts and casinos.

The company recognizes the intricate domain systems and inner workings of travel and hospitality industry, helping hotels with increasing their digital revenue while improving online booking and payment systems for the end user. “As large hotels invest in new technology systems, they require a trusted, experienced partner to facilitate organizational migration,” Abbott says. DataArt acts as a guide for leading travel technology organizations on their route to globalization, driving performance from a local property around database administration to full-blown security audit and network penetration testing. DataArt has designed and developed feature and functionally rich solutions for some of the leading companies such as Skyscanner, HotelTonight, Collette Vacations, SummitQuest and Trio-metric. Booker, a service and management company has been collaborating with DataArt for over three years.

Blending industry knowledge, unique company culture and best technical talent

“Our solutions helped Booker to replace its manual methods and unify the essential components for running a service business into a single web-based platform, accessible from any device. We have also optimized their online payment system across platforms, both web and mobile,” points out Abbott.

Over the last decade, DataArt has also crafted, built and delivered a significant number of bespoke pricing intelligence solutions for its clients. “While the depth of integration differs, in each case we propose a holistic approach to our clients’ pricing strategy, delivering the required high-integrity data, to modules, core or even third party revenue management systems. Our integrated approach drives greater efficiency and cost savings over using an off-the-shelf product,” he explains. These systems are designed to handle massive throughput, tasked to perform continuous scalable retrieval of the raw intelligence, while keeping hosting costs linear. Further, to assist the varied needs accessing and monetizing ancillary services like tours and activities, DataArt offers tour management software expertise. “Our skillful team understands the tour operation business, able to quickly mobilize to produce a very multifaceted solution for tour operators covering supplier management, inventory management, messaging modules, reporting, tour builder, and air and transfer modules.”

Looking into the future, DataArt is keen on leveraging its ongoing investment in the IoT (Internet of Things) for the betterment of travel and hospitality sector. DeviceHive, the company’s open source machine-to-machine communication framework is set to simplify device management and communication between devices and the cloud. “While DeviceHive makes any connected device a part of the Internet of Things, it significantly helps hoteliers in development of "connected guest" strategies,” affirms Abbott.


New York, NY

Gregory Abbott, Managing Partner & Senior Vice-President

Providing end-to-end solutions, from concept and strategy, to design, implementation and support, helping clients achieve important business outcomes.