DataBank: Architecting Resilient Edge Strategies into IT Infrastructure

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Raul Martynek, CEO
The beauty of data-driven technologies lies in the interoperability of skills that translate across multiple domains of expertise. One such confluence of skills is presented by DataBank, a company that excels at edge computing by virtue of its mastery over data center operations. DataBank serves as an enabler of technological deployments on edge, effectively solving a multitude of infrastructure-specific challenges in the IT sphere. Having partnered with over 3,400 companies to deploy innovative solutions through its data center platform, DataBank helps businesses achieve lower latencies, high bandwidth and throughput, and, most important of all, memorable customer experiences.

"DataBank is predominantly a data center operator that is developing and operating the largest geographic footprint of any data center operator in the US with over 65 data center assets in 27 major markets," says Raul Martynek, CEO of DataBank.

DataBank's geographic reach, infrastructure facilities, and interconnection ecosystem have enabled distinct edge strategies in architecting modern-day IT infrastructures. By integrating DataBank's geo-specific operations with its in-built data center characteristics, clients can effortlessly scale their business operations with the promise of security, compliance, and availability. As decentralized architecture becomes the new norm for edge deployments, the physical location of AWS servers (across the four distinct regions), for instance, presents geolocation constraints to businesses. DataBank Recognized this bottled neck early on, having devised its platform to enable the world's leading enterprises to deploy infrastructure in numerous locations. The company's geographic reach enables distinct edge strategies in future-proofing infrastructure demands of enterprises and companies. These data center deployments guarantee 100 percent uptime and a customer portal that offers unparalleled visibility and control over the infrastructure.

Databank's data centers are built using the company's Data Center Evolved™ model, which energizes hyperscale, interconnect, and low-latency edge functions in moving data, applications, and workloads closer to end users. The model's edge infrastructure provides a data center experience that is secure, resilient, and redundancy-enabled, providing resource-intensive workloads with unrestricted reach.
With an interconnected ecosystem, the platform provides connectivity of 20 major hubs with over 65 data centers which are located within 100 miles of 60 percent reach of the US population. Supporting over 30,000 cross-connects, DataBank's Interconnect Edge provides the next wave of availability zones, aiding nextgen network providers, SaaS developers, and enterprises with an unparalleled reach to their applications demand. Highperformance colocation frameworks built around the Data Center Evolved™ model's core provide a full range of cabinet, cage, or suite designs that let DataBank's prospective clients customize the power utilization, security, and layout of the infrastructure.

With in-built data center properties, DataBank is predominantly a data center operator that is developing and operating the largest geographic footprint of any data center operator in the US with over 65 data center assets in 27 major markets

In addition to these value-added services, DataBank's hands-on assistance aids customers in migrating or transferring all of their applications and services to a cloud environment. Accelerating cloud services with proprietary enterprise cloud and FedRAMP cloud platform, DataBank streamlines colocation, network, and managed services to support users in finding the proper integrated infrastructure and hybrid IT strategy for their application ecosystem. More importantly, DataBank's interconnect solutions feature disaster recovery plans and on-demand scalability, providing its clients the much-desired competitive advantage in uptime and efficiency while lowering the total cost of ownership to future-proof the IT infrastructure strategy.


Texas, USA

Raul Martynek, CEO

DataBank is predominantly a data center operator. With its data center platforms, DataBank aids users in achieving security, compliance, and availability for their data. It also offers uptime and compliance enablement to clients via a comprehensive compliance framework and expertise. Their solutions revolve around collocation, cloud computing, connectivity, and managed services