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Databases are an ubiquitous part of today’s computing environment. Most recent, database challenges include internet-scale that can engage millions of cloud databases and manage mountain load of data. Therefore for many businesses, managing their database has become a heinous task and prefer to outsource their DBMS. According to a research study, nearly 21 percent of the IT organizations outsource at least a portion of their DBM work and 30 percent of their workload. The San Francisco, CA based firm, Database Specialists addresses these impediments by providing Oracle consulting, Oracle database administration, and remote DBA managed services for companies with mission-critical Oracle database systems. “Companies require strong database management systems that are carefully monitored and maintained to help them stay ahead with the wealth of information and make critical business decisions,” says David Wolff, CEO, Database Specialists.

Established in 1995, Database Specialists offers services including the Oracle Remote database administration onshore (rDBA) to avoid the pitfalls of offshore services that are commonly faced by many companies. “While the price of outsourcing the organizations rDBA to an offshore company may be appealing, the disadvantages are far too great to simply ignore. Working with offshore company that is based out of country can cause a communication barrier, which can be detrimental to businesses,” says Wolff. This disconnect can cause discrepancies in the onshore (rDBA) project. “DataBase Specialists provides the organizations with Database Rx tool to enhance services in rDBA,” adds Wolff. The Database Rx monitoring tool tracks the health of organizations’ database system along with our rDBA service. Database Rx performs secure, automated monitoring, and analysis of Oracle databases. The rDBA service provides with various easily customizable reports that deliver the current data in areas such as alerts and events, database growth, instance activity, performance ratios, and many more.

In addition, Database Specialists offers backup DBA services. “This service is useful when workforce in a company is planning to take an off or encounter technical failure, while entering data into the respective systems. The employees need not key in the missing data from scratch or re-enter necessary data for office operations,” says Wolff.
TThe Database Specialists array of Oracle services includes database design, database installation, database security, back up review, and implementation. The company assigns a support team along with two senior DB specialists when they engage with customers.The senior database assistants serve as the main point of contact, completing maintenance operations and updates as needed. These experts are a part of a complete support team, to ensure all aspects of a client's database management services are fine tuned and monitored.

Multitude of companies looking for the Oracle Database Management services has been benefitted from Database Specialists. An online banking firm approached the Database Specialists to help them with a service to monitor their production databases.The customer implemented Database Rx tool which worked well in alerting slow and resource-intensive queries in real-time, providing a daily summary of any exceptional conditions in their production databases.

DataBase Specialists provides the organizations with Database Rx tool to enhance services in Oracle Remote database administration onshore (rDBA)

Forging forward, Database Specialists wants to extend its repertoire of services and increase its customer base. “If an organization has access to the right remote DBA vendor as a partner, then it has easy access to a highly-skilled team who can work around the clock to help their business succeed. We wish to take our company to the future by providing exactly what our customers need in their DBMS,” adds Wolff.

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