Datacard Group: Securing Identities and Safeguarding Transactions

CIO VendorTodd Wilkinson, President & CEO
The way we conduct transactions, cross borders and perform jobs requires an integrated mix of physical and logical solutions. Personal technology, led by smartphones and tablets, has also created anywhere-anytime expectations, presenting unprecedented challenges for financial institutions, retailers, government agencies, corporations and other enterprises. These organizations must manage complex physical and digital ecosystems that keep pace with the anywhere-anytime expectations of users. In addition to bridging physical and digital worlds and creating engaging user experiences, those who manage these ecosystems must protect against fraud, forgery, theft, and cyber-attack. And this is where Datacard group has proven to be a hero for many firms. The company is uniquely positioned to address the two primary challenges that face the owners of these ecosystems by seamlessly bridging physical and digital worlds and strengthening security, while continually improving the anytime-anywhere user experience.

“For customers who deploy our solutions, the challenges and problems posed by anytime-anywhere expectations become opportunities for service enhancement and brand differentiation. In the consumer space, marketers who capitalize on change will attract new customers, strengthen loyalty, reduce operating costs, and expand offerings. In the citizen space, government agencies can enhance citizen service levels, improve border security, drive efficiency in entitlement programs, and reduce costs. In the enterprise space, organizations can attract and engage increasingly mobile workforces — and improve their ability to innovate, increase their speed to market, and protect physical and logical assets,” says President and CEO, Todd Wilkinson.

The firm empowers the connected life that enables enterprises to issue, manage and authenticate trusted identities; bring speed, simplicity and security to financial transactions; and help customers build and optimize highly secure anywhere-anytime ecosystems. Specifically, it differentiates itself from the competition by providing
flexible solutions that enable customers to choose from a variety of deployment and management models to secure identities and trusted transactions. They can choose solutions that empower them to manage their business the way they want to while meeting business needs today and scaling with them in the future as market demands evolve.


Security-minded enterprises rely on Datacard Group and Entrust, using the firm’s solutions as a foundation for their identity and transaction infrastructures. We work closely with hundreds of financial institutions, including the world’s 20 largest banks. More than 90 percent of the world’s financial cards are issued on Datacard’s solutions, and its authentication software is used to fight fraud and safeguard over 400 billion transactions worldwide. “We’re engaged in high-profile government identity programs around the world for e-passports, national IDs, driver’s licenses and other secure credentials. Implemented in 18 of the 20 largest e-gov programs, we also have over 400 government projects around the world. Additionally, roughly 165,000 passports, 10 million credentials, and 5 million smart cards are issued daily using our technologies,” adds Todd. Datacard also serves global enterprises in telecommunications, aerospace, pharmaceutical, education, healthcare, and petroleum markets. More than 500 companies in 85+ countries use Datacard’s authentication platform.

The need for secure identification of people, of devices, in credentials, in mobile applications, and in transactions will continue to provide strong growth potential for our combined business. “Additional flexibility in deployment and robust management of the identities will be enabled through our authentication and lifecycle management offerings, enabling customers to embed identity within their most trusted services in the way they see fit. We’re also planning for rapid expansion within the cloud offerings, building off of the momentum Entrust already has in this area and expanding across Datacard product lines,” mentions Todd.

Datacard Group

Todd Wilkinson, President & CEO

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