Datacor: Facilitating Chemical and Process Industry-specific Software

In today’s fast-paced business ecosystem, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) are the two prerequisites for any organization to excel by streamlining business processes and maximizing sales. The market is replete with umpteen ERP and CRM solution providers but only few that specifically cater for the chemical industry. To this end, Datacor comes to the fore with its set of flexible and proven ERP and CRM software solutions crafted to fit the needs of chemical distributors and process manufacturers. Geared with Chempax (ERP) and eChempax (CRM), the company has been facilitating the growth of chemical distributors and process manufacturers for over three decades.

Chempax, Datacor’s ERP software solution, enables customers to optimize processes, enhance visibility, and boost productivity all with one application. Be it process manufacturing, quality assurance, plant maintenance or lab management, Chempax tackles it all with seamless expediency. It offers complete business integration by merging all areas— from finance to analytics—whereby customers can streamline operations throughout their organization as a whole. Moreover, Chempax’s advanced interface technology grants users the access to view, retrieve, and evaluate critical business information from one centralized location. With Chempax in place, customers can smartly manage their inventory levels and costs while also ensuring that regulatory compliance laws are not just met but surpassed.

Integrated with Chempax is eChempax, Datacor’s mobile CRM tool, which renders organizations a bird’s eye view of their customer database—orders, feedbacks, pricing, sales data, invoices, call reports—at the click of a button anywhere, anytime. Subsequently, organizations can unearth new customers, wrap up sales faster, and sustain long-term, valuable partnerships by identifying trends, challenges, and opportunities in the market. Most importantly, Datacor’s automated data synchronization system runs in the backdrop to keep a check on the data in both Chempax and eChempax. In terms of security, eChempax uses high-level encryption methods, digital certificates, and firewalls that guarantee maximum protection of its overall transactions and data.

Built from the scratch, Datacor continues to retain its anchorage in the market by virtue of its out-of-the-box, enterprise-ready and affordable solutions backed by the competent support of its in-house development team, hardware professionals, and network specialists.

Chempax’s advanced interface technology grants users the access to critical business information from one centralized location

While maintaining the highest customer footprint in the industry, Datacor’s solutions aid target companies around the globe in boosting competence, steering profitability, and augmenting revenue.

One such client is Fitz Chem, a customer-centered specialty chemicals distributor that approached Datacor seeking a solution that can improve communication between ERP and CRM systems to eliminate work process redundancies and foster upgraded customer data. Datacor’s CRM solution, eChempax promptly comes to the rescue assisting the client to streamline collaboration between different teams resulting in greater employee productivity and expertise. In addition, the client could save considerable amount of time, energy, and money having a single database to reference information and notes. Furthermore, a 360 degree view of vital customer information helped Fitz Chem make quick decisions which allowed it to focus exclusively on its customers, thereby augmenting its sales efficiency.

For days to come, Datacor is all set to bring out-of-the-box solutions to bear on the ever so dynamic market, business, and industry ecosystem. Furthermore, the company intends to revamp its method of deployment whereby it can reach out to customers, vendors, and sales agents in a matter of days. When it comes to harnessing technology, Datacor looks forward to incorporate big data and enrich analytics in their product line to assist manufacturers in making futuristic decisions.


Florham Park, NJ

Tom Jackson, COO

Provisioning ERP and CRM solutions tailored to suit the unique needs of chemical distributors and process manufacturers