Datadog, Inc.: Providing visibility into large-scale cloud infrastructure

Olivier Pomel, CEO and Co-Founder
With new cloud computing platforms such as Amazon Web Service (AWS) replacing traditional enterprise infrastructure, companies are increasingly evaluating these more advanced technologies. However, the lack of performance visibility into cloud platforms and their accompanying components remains a major hurdle for organizational-wide adoption. Datadog, a monitoring service for large-scale cloud environments, comes to the forefront with a vision to help companies transitioning to the cloud. “As we saw companies struggle to manage newer cloud infrastructure, we came to understand that the tools that these firms had previously used were no longer serviceable. As a result, instead of opting for traditional off-the-shelf packages, companies were relying on in-house tools they created themselves,” explains Olivier Pomel, CEO and Co-Founder, Datadog.

Supporting organizations transitioning to the cloud

Headquartered in Manhattan, NY, Datadog provides a monitoring platform for IT operations and development teams, helping them gain visibility into dynamic cloud infrastructure and migrate to more agile business processes. As a certified AWS and Google Cloud Platform partner, the company works with public cloud platforms, middleware providers and other IT vendors to monitor and analyze the performance of enterprise cloud infrastructure. This enables engineering teams to gain insights that continuously enhance application performance and resolve issues. “Our customers are DevOps teams, transitioning from old legacy infrastructure to a cloud infrastructure. This requires a complete reengineering of their applications and underlying architecture for more scalability - areas that Datadog has been purpose-built to address,” reckons Pomel.

Providing a holistic understanding of cloud infrastructure health

The monitoring service pulls in performance data from constantly scaling cloud infrastructure, tools and services and intelligently aggregates this information. This aggregated data is then made available for real-time monitoring and historical analysis. Datadog also features alerting capabilities to notify DevOps teams of issues or noteworthy changes to the environment. Social-media style commenting allows teams to collaboratively solve issues while working with contextual data. “We pull performance information from every component in a cloud environment, ranging from server infrastructure and operating systems to middleware, configuration management systems and third-party SaaS applications. Our customers can then gain a holistic understanding of their infrastructure health by seeing the data in one place.” asserts Pomel.
Tailored support for large-scale cloud infrastructure

“We prove to be a technological catalyst for companies that are changing their application architecture and business processes to harness the scalability and agility that is possible with cloud platforms,” reckons Pomel. Datadog differentiates from other monitoring solutions with its tailored support for large-scale cloud environments. The monitoring service ensures that the increased rate of change and the potential for fast, explosive infrastructure growth available in cloud environments can be easily managed by its customers. Datadog compliments its product capabilities with hands-on, round-the-clock assistance from its support team. This attention to the customer ensures that any cloud implementation hurdle or performance issue is immediately addressed

Managing cloud scale-out for firms ranging from Fortune 500 to tech startups

Datadog has helped numerous customers manage the implementation and scale-out of cloud environments, ranging from divisions of large multinationals such as Samsung and Salesforce. com, to high-tech firms like Zendesk and Shopify. For instance, when Bazaarvoice (NASDAQ: BV),a social commerce SaaS platform, decided to migrate to AWS, Datadog was instrumental in this platform transformation. As Bazaarvoice began to use cloud infrastructure, it became clear that a new monitoring solution was needed to handle the increased complexity. Datadog immediately mapped to Bazaarvoice’s new cloud infrastructure, automatically monitoring dynamically deployed servers. Adopting Datadog helped Bazaarvoice turn their infrastructure and engineering teams into an agile unit, capable of rapid growth when necessary.

Looking ahead to emerging cloud technologies

In the coming months and years, Datadog aims to continue enhancing its management capabilities to further enable customers’ infrastructures for agility. “Cloud platforms are maturing quickly. Furthermore, even newer technologies such as containerization are adding more dynamism and complexity to the infrastructure. We look forward to releasing support for new tools and processes in the face of the rapid innovation we’re seeing in enterprise IT,” Pomel concludes.

Datadog, Inc.

Manhattan, NY

Olivier Pomel, CEO and Co-Founder and Alexis Le-Quoc, CTO & CO-founder

Provides a monitoring and data analytics platform for organizations operating large-scale cloud environments.