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CIO VendorJohn Arnold, CEO
In today’s data-oriented world, enterprises are on lookout for innovative solutions that can manage and integrate their multiple investments in content management, document management, intranet and more. They need solutions that can automate their business processes and streamline operations in line with the cloud and BYOD requirements. DataLan is a company that helps enterprises achieve these with SharePoint Services and Business Solutions across the entire SharePoint feature set. Founded in 1988 and headquartered in White Plains, NY, DataLan, a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner leverages Microsoft SharePoint technology and Office desktop tools toprovide Information Worker solutions that enable organizations to innovate and compete in a global economy.

DataLan’s unique proprietary SharePoint solution framework addresses all aspects of SharePoint from the infrastructure to complex business solutions. With InnovaOPN— the company’s unique configurable application suite, they offer prepackaged SharePoint solutions that can be configured to fit directly into a customer’s business process. “This enables customers to have an enterprise SharePoint solution up and running quickly, usually within a week,” says John Arnold, CEO, DataLan. The suite includes InnovaGate, an innovation/gated process management tool on SharePoint; InnovaRFP, an agile and flexible RFP and proposal response management solution; and InnovaContract, a contract management solution. These solutions are available as cloud-technology, onpremise platforms and hybrid models.

For customers with needs that are not met by DataLan’s packaged solutions, DataLan develops custom solutions or implements out-of-the-box solutions tuned to the specific customer needs. The company has expertise in implementing custom solutions across Enterprise Content Management, Portals (internet, extranet or intranet), and business process and workflow solutions. DataLan also has an infrastructure practice around architecture deployment, migration and health checks of SharePoint environments.

With this full scope of configurable solutions, DataLan finds strong traction from multiple industries including financial services, manufacturing and pharmaceuticals.
One of DataLan’s success stories can be found from their work with Polartec, a leader in advanced performance textiles. Polartec had unknown processing times for its new product development process and unknown speed-to-market lead times. With customers insisting on shorter development times to enable them to adjust to fluctuating market conditions, Polartec decided to find a PLM solution to assist in the process and to help identify weaknesses and non-value added steps.

Previously, product development requests were e-mailed to a product manager from a sales manager, which were then reviewed by the senior management and then passed on to the engineers for trial. At times, requests could not be met and requested fabric could not be made. Limited information was captured about the requests and the manual process lacked visibility. InnovaGate was implemented at Polartec resulting in full visibility into requests in all phases of development, identification and erasing of non-value steps, and ensuring that everyone was using a single current product specification.

We come in with a business focus and a strategic plan that helps customers understand SharePoint’s capabilities and how to leverage it in their business

“This is how we continuingly win because we come in with a business focus and a strategic plan that helps customers understand SharePoint’s capabilities and how to leverage it in their business,” says Arnold.

In order stay ahead of the curve, Arnold believes that the executives should stand toe-to-toe with latest technology and encourage innovation. “Every CEO needs to understand these emerging technologies and how to leverage them strategically in their businesses,” he adds. Going forward, DataLan will continue to enhance and extend its InnovaOPN suite. Optimistic about cloud technology and its prospects, the company looks forward to fully migrate their suite into cloud that will add more benefits to them, as well as for their customers.

DataLan Corporation

White Plains, NY

John Arnold, CEO

DataLan Corporation delivers business solutions leveraging Microsoft SharePoint technology and Office desktop tools to provide companies with new capabilities